Association for Computing Machinery

The ACM student chapter at UA Little Rock welcomes all visitors to our student organization. We hold weekly meetings in which we discuss programming techniques, language specifics, and strategies for problem-solving. Many times throughout the semester we will hold workshops and other fun events, such as movie nights and game nights.

Our members are usually Computer Science students, however, we welcome all students interested in programming and computer science principles.

Dr. Albert Baker, Chair of the Department of Computer Science is our faculty advisor. Through participation in ACM, members can expand upon their programming and problem-solving skills, as well as their teamwork skills.

You can find more information more about events and activities about ACM here.

Chapter News & Activities:

We are trying our best to share our knowledge with the community and we would love it if you join us. Here is the list of some activities at UA Little Rock ACM Club:

MS Office training for the Secretary of State's office

The ACM Student Chapter of UA Little Rock had the opportunity to provide professional development in Microsoft Office for Arkansas Secretary of State’s office. This workshop, divided into five sessions, covered everything from the basic functionality of Microsoft Word up to the most advanced features of Microsoft Excel. On the team was Gaige Ehrenworth, the ACM Treasurer, John Clements, the ACM Secretary, and Denver Ellis, the ACM Vice-Chair. Together, they worked alongside Kerry Moody, the Director of Communications for the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office, to create unique lessons that addressed the specific needs of the workshop students. Ultimately, Microsoft Office Workshop series was a success leading to the possibility of future workshops between the ACM and the Secretary of State’s Office.

Wednesday Project Meetings

Progressing computing technology and the application thereof is the foremost mission of the ACM. The ACM Student Chapter of UA Little Rock is taking action by hosting our project meetings, a specialized meeting dedicated to research and creation of personal projects. These meetings provide an environment of knowledge and aid for those of all skill levels pursuing some creative project. Of these projects, a SIG (Subject Interest Group) was formed for IoT (Internet of Things) and is being advised by Dr. Ivan Rodriguez, a new computer science faculty member of the university. Current projects being developed by the IoT SIG are a campus mapping system and a piloted robot as well as future projects yet to be proposed.

Friday Fun Days

Friday Fun Day is true to its namesake. Every Friday, the ACM convenes to play video games, tabletop games, watch movies, or visit a coffeehouse. Not only does the event serve the purpose of recreation, but the Friday Fun Day also provides the environment for ACM members to come together as more than just a club. Fun Friday activities are member arranged and voted on at each Monday Business meeting, so each event is curated to suit the taste of all those who attend.