Providing Extended Time for Exams in Blackboard 9.1

Many students registered with the Disability Resource Center require accommodations for extended time on in-class and web-based tests and surveys in Blackboard. Meeting these accommodations in Blackboard is easy with features built-into the test settings.

Test Availability Exceptions

Instructors build their test as usual, but when the test is deployed an additional availability setting can be added under the test options for a single student or a group of students.  This option replaces the need for creating a duplicate exam and using adaptive release.

Under Test Options >Test Availability Exceptions, instructors can provide accommodations for number of attempts, time duration, availability, and force completion.

Additionally, settings may be updated at any time and more than one student can have unique availability exceptions added.

Deploy and Set Accommodations

Tests must be deployed to a Content Area from the Tests, Surveys, and Pools before accommodations can be set.

Accommodations may be set by the instructor, when adding a test or survey to any content area where the test will appear. In the Test Options, note settings two and three, other settings may be set at the instructor’s discretion.

Once the test has been deployed in a content area, edit the settings by selecting the action link next to the title of the test. Select “Edit Test Options.”  To add an exception:

  1. Select “Add a User or Group” under the Test Availability Exceptions.
  2. Adjust the Attempts, Timer, Availability and Force Completion settings to suit accommodations.
  3. Press Submit.

Edit the Test Options

Should an instructor need to change the accommodation settings for a test they can do so by going to where the test is deployed.

  1. Select the Test, or Survey Action link.
  2. Select Edit the Test Options > Test Availability Exceptions settings and make adjustments.
  3. Press Submit.

Things to Consider

Since instructors are not creating a duplicate, “new” exam test for an accommodation, the test will be accessed from the Grade Center like those for students without accommodations and will allow the instructor to grade the test in the same column. Students with and without accommodations will experience the same access to test information such as grades and feedback. Special, settings for “Adaptive Release” are no longer required.