Academic Review Application Instructions

What is this application?

The Academic Review application formally begins the process of requesting to bring an international scholar to UA Little Rock to do research. After the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by Export Control who will notify the hosting UA Little Rock faculty member if it is approved.

The Academic Review application is the first step in the Visiting International Scholar application process. If the Academic Review is approved, the UA Little Rock faculty member or representative will then submit the Immigration Review application, which will be reviewed by UA Little Rock International Services.

When should this application be filled out?

At least three (3) months before the program start date. The Academic Review application must be filled out before the Immigration Review application.

Who should fill it out?

The hosting UA Little Rock faculty member or a UA Little Rock representative for the hosting faculty member. The international scholar may not fill it out.

What does this application require?

Before beginning the application, the UA Little Rock faculty member or point of contact must work closely with the proposed international scholar to gather the following information and documents. Please note that the information and documentation listed below is required on the Academic Review application; additional information and documentation will be required later on the Immigration Review application.

Required Information

  1. The UA Little Rock department, chair, and dean that will host the international scholar
  2. Scholar’s first, last name, gender, and marital status
  3. Scholar’s email address, phone number, and mailing address
  4. Scholar’s city, country, and date of birth
  5. Scholar’s country of permanent residence and country of citizenship
  6. Scholar’s academic field and current occupation
  7. Scholar’s current employer
  8. Has the scholar visited the United States in the past two years?
    1. If so, what best describes the visit?
      1. Vacation
      2. Research
      3. Attended School
      4. Academic Appointment
      5. Business
  9. The proposed dates of the scholar’s visit and his/her proposed activities at UA Little Rock.
  10. The scholar’s funding source(s), which will support him/her and any dependents. You will need to know how much each source will provide, in US dollars. Options are as follows:
    1. UA Little Rock funding
    2. Funding from the visitor’s government
    3. Other organization(s)
    4. Visitor’s personal funds
    5. Fulbright Scholarship
  11. Whether the scholar and any dependents will enroll in UA Little Rock health insurance or private health insurance; he/she must enroll in one.
  12.  How you will assess the scholar’s English language proficiency. The options are as follows:
    1. TOEFL or IELTS scores
    2. At least two years of attendance at a U.S. school
    3. Interviews with at least two UA Little Rock faculty members. If this option is chosen, you will need to know if the interviews will be conducted via Skype/video call, phone call, or another method.
  13. Whether any dependents will be accompanying the scholar. If so, you will need to know if a spouse, children, or both will be accompanying him/her.

Required Documentation

  1. Copies of the visitor’s passport ID page and the passport ID page(s) of any and all accompanying dependents.
  2. Scope of Work form, completed by a UA Little Rock faculty/staff member
  3. Scholar’s CV/resume
  4. Visual Compliance Data form, completed by a UA Little Rock faculty/staff member