Visiting International Scholars Program

The UA Little Rock Visiting International Scholars program allows UA Little Rock faculty to invite international colleagues to do research at UA Little Rock for a set period of time. The Export Control Office works with International Services, the hosting faculty member, and the potential international visitor to ensure that the visit complies with all federal and institutional regulations.

All visiting international scholars must be invited by a UA Little Rock faculty member; in addition, the UA Little Rock faculty member must follow the institutional application process in its entirety. International scholars will not be allowed to visit the United States until their applications are complete and approved by Export Control, International Services, and the Federal government.

After a visiting international scholar has been approved and comes to the United States, he or she will work continually with the hosting UA Little Rock faculty member and the UA Little Rock Office of International Services to meet federal and institutional requirements during the duration of his or her visit. Please visit the International Services website for more information about the requirements and responsibilities placed on the scholar after he or she arrives.

If you are a UA Little Rock faculty member, please read through the information below and on the Policies and Requirements page before beginning the application process. Note that the application process generally takes around two months, from start to approval. Travel arrangements generally take an additional after approval; the international scholar and any dependents can arrive in the U.S. up to 30 days before beginning research at UA Little Rock.

If you are an international scholar hoping to visit UA Little Rock, please contact your UA Little Rock hosting faculty member to learn about the process.

Who Can Participate?

International scholars must meet certain specifications in order to participate in the J1 visa program. Visit the International Services website to learn these requirements.

Application Process

The visiting international scholar application process has three main steps: the interest form, the academic review, and the immigration review. Each step must be completed by a UA Little Rock employee, preferably the hosting faculty member. However, before beginning the application process, the UA Little Rock employee filling out the application will need to work closely with the potential visiting scholar to gather all the necessary information and documents.

Note: An international scholar does not have permission to come to the U.S. until both reviews have been approved by Export Control and International Services.


  1. Complete the Visiting Scholar Program interest form; this is a preliminary form that notifies Export Control and International Services of your potential upcoming plans. We recommend submitting this form at least two months before you would like the scholar to arrive at UA Little Rock. You will need to know the following information before you start this form:
    1. International scholar’s first and last name
    2. International scholar’s city and country of origin
    3. International scholar’s current position
    4. Projected start date of international scholar’s visit
    5. Purpose of international scholar’s visit
  2. You will be contacted by Export Control within five (5) business days. They will discuss your next steps with you.
  3. Read the Visiting International Scholar Program Policies, Requirements, and Responsibilities thoroughly and carefully.
  4. Review the requirements for the Academic Review application. Discuss the requirements with the international scholar and gather the information and documents you need.
  5. No less than three months before the program start date, complete the Academic Review application.
  6. Export Control will review the application. Be sure to respond to any queries from them quickly to keep the application process progressing.
  7. Export Control will notify you if the Academic Review has been approved.
  8. Review the requirements for the Immigration Review application. Discuss the requirements with the international scholar and gather the information and documents you need.
  9. As soon as possible after the Academic Review is approved, complete the Immigration Review application.
  10. International Services will review the application. Be sure to respond to any queries from them quickly to keep the application process progressing.
  11. International Services will notify you if the Immigration Review has been approved. From there, they will guide you through the next steps in the process.