Exchange Visiting Scholar Program: Immigration Review Application Instructions

What is the Immigration Review Application?

The Immigration Review Application is the second step in requesting to bring an exchange visiting scholar to the UA Little Rock campus to do research. Other forms that must be completed as well are the English Language Proficiency Assessment Form and the Statement of Compliance with Exchange Visitor Health Insurance Requirements Form. Once the above referenced forms are submitted, the UA Little Rock International Student Services will review them and notify the hosting UA Little Rock faculty member and the visiting scholar if it is approved.

When should this application be completed?

The Immigration Review Application should be completed after the Academic Review Application is submitted and approved.

Who should complete it?

The hosting UA Little Rock faculty member or a UA Little Rock representative for the hosting faculty member. The prospective visiting scholar may not complete this application.

What does the application require?

Before beginning the application, the UA Little Rock faculty member or point of contact must work closely with the prospective visiting scholar to gather the following information and documents.

Required Information

  1. The UA Little Rock department, chair, and dean that will host the visiting scholar
  2. Visiting scholar’s first and last name
  3. Visiting scholar’s email address
  4. The highest level of education that the scholar has received
  5. Visiting scholar’s field of study
  6. A 2-3 sentence program objective for the visiting scholar’s time at UA Little Rock
  7. How the visiting scholar will be supervised at UA Little Rock
  8. The estimated number of hours that the visiting scholar will work at UA Little Rock per week 
  9. When the visiting scholar’s J program will begin and end. The J program refers to his/her research period at UA Little Rock, not travel dates.
  10. Whether the visiting scholar will be a student intern, a research scholar, a professor, or a short-term scholar who will primarily be lecturing, consulting, or attending seminar/conference/study tours.
  11. Whether any dependents will be accompanying the visiting scholar.

Required Documentation

  1. Proof of English proficiency–either TOEFL/IELTS scores, two completed English Language Proficiency Assessment forms, or proof of at least two years of attendance at a U.S. academic institution
  2. Financial support documentation
  3. Completed Statement of Compliance with Exchange Visitor Health Insurance Requirements form (to be completed by the visiting scholar)
  4. Any dependents’ passport ID pages not submitted with the Academic Review Application