Mathematics Assistance Center


UA Little Rock Mathematics Assistance Center Mission statement: 
The mission of the UA Little Rock MAC is to:

  • instill confidence in students mathematical abilities,
  • increase competence,
  • raise students’ mathematical achievement, and
  • develop appreciation for mathematics.

We are here to dispel the myths and negative attitudes about mathematics and to equip students with the proper skills necessary to succeed.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Reduce anxiety, particularly anxiety associated with math learning
  • Switch negative beliefs to positive attitudes about mathematics
  • Increase homework grades, test scores, and overall grade
  • Improve student confidence
  • Reduce stress level relating to math


The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) operates through

  • virtual synchronous tutoring and

  • asynchronous tutoring.

Students needing to prepare for their first mathematics homework or test may be wondering what they need to do in order to get a better grade. The MAC is an excellent resource for students to seek mathematics problems, help with study tips, and to  receive guidance from experienced tutors.

NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY! The MAC is no additional charge to all UA Little Rock students. Now there is no excuse for avoiding math.

Students can easily get their questions answered through Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom and email. Students and tutors can see each other, use virtual whiteboards, and share applications such as calculators and their screen. Free Apps such as Desmos and WolframAlpha, to name a few, can and will be shared during the tutoring sessions. The tutor and student will see each other and work together to collaborate one on one or in groups. We are able to offer more hours, flexible, non-traditional hours and more one on one or group tutoring virtually. You can find a tutor when it is convenient for your time.

Tutoring can be accessed in many ways:

  • email, and
  • logging in and join a tutor’s “room” anytime a tutor is on duty through Zoom or BB Collaborate.


Click here to access directions for tutors on Blackboard






Contact information:

Denise LeGrand Landreth