Math Course Placement and Pathways

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has started using a new tool to help students find the best place to start in their mathematics journey: The Math Placement Index

The Math Placement Index is a placement tool used to place students in the appropriate math course based on the students’ high school GPA, standardized test score, and years since high
school graduation. It is best for students to take their first math course as soon as they begin their studies, and this gives everyone the opportunity to take the highest math course possible from the start. For more general information and frequently asked questions, see our Math Placement FAQ .

UA Little Rock offers two math pathways based on students’ academic and career goals. A student can take the Quantitative Mathematical Reasoning Pathway (“QMR”) or the STEM Pathway.

Math Pathways Flow Chart

Once a student completes the Math Placement Index by entering in the appropriate information into the tool, a Math Index Score is given to the student based on that information. That score is used to determine the appropriate starting mathematics class for that individual. Once a score is determined, placement is made based on the student’s academic and career goals. The two core courses – Quantitative Mathematical Reasoning (QMR) and College Algebra are the entrances to each pathway; however, a student may need to start in a different class.

Training is being provided to Faculty and Advisors in how to better place the students for success.