MA curriculum

The MA in Professional and Technical Writing enables graduate students to develop a deep expertise in at least one of three concentration areas:

We offer two different degree plans for completing the program: the thesis option (36 credit hours) and the portfolio option (42 credit hours).

Students who are enrolled full time typically complete the program in 2.5 years. Students who are enrolled part-time typically complete the program in 3 – 4 years, depending on whether they choose to take summer classes.

Graduates of our MA program are professional writers who

  • demonstrate mastery of their craft through attention to detail
  • can analyze a wide range of rhetorical situations and create documents that will work best in each particular situation
  • use technology effectively to create and deliver persuasive, informative, engaging texts and explore technologies as rhetorical contexts
  • understand the history and major theories of their profession; know how the rules of their craft were shaped and how they are changing
  • can conduct primary and secondary research that will add to knowledge in their field
  • participate in the profession beyond the classroom (workplaces, publications, professional organizations, etc.)
  • conduct themselves as professionals at all times, representing the profession well

We discuss these learning objectives with students every semester during advising, and by the end of the program, they are asked to show evidence that they have met these objectives through their coursework.