Student Placement in Composition Courses

Good writing skills are part of your educational and professional toolboxes. Students are placed in a composition course based on their ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer test scores. The Office of Testing Services provides a score interpretation chart.

Academic Literacy, Rhetoric 0321, is a combined reading and writing course for students who need foundational skills in both reading and writing prior to the credit composition courses. Some students may be placed in a connected composition course, based on the Accelerated Learning Program model. In this model, students concurrently take Rhetoric 0310 (Composition Fundamentals) and Rhetoric 1311 (Composition I) during the same semester. The coupling of the courses offers Composition Fundamentals, RHET 0310, as a writers’ workshop to further understand and explore material from Composition I, RHET 1311. Credit courses in Composition include Rhetoric 1311 (Composition I), Rhetoric 1312 (Composition II), and Rhetoric 1320 (Honors Composition).

Students who do not have an ACT or SAT score or students who would like to improve their placement may take the Accuplacer Test through UA Little Rock’s Testing Services. Students may retake the Accuplacer Test as many times as they like.

Students transferring 60 or more hours to UA Little Rock who have met the first year composition requirement at the a previous college may be exempted from UA Little Rock’s freshman composition requirement. The decision to exempt a student is made by the student’s major department chairperson when the student files a degree plan.

Testing Out of Composition

Students who already have the requisite skills of either Rhetoric 1311 or 1312 may attempt to complete these requirements through credit by examination. For information about test dates, required fees, and test content, contact the Office of Testing Services. A student who tests out of a course will receive three credit hours, per course, toward graduation.

Transfer Equivalency Guide

You can use the UA Little Rock Transfer Equivalency Guide to determine how your courses may transfer. If you do not see your transfer institution listed, it does not mean that we do not accept your accredited courses. We just need to review them.

If you have questions, please read this FAQ page. You may also contact us online.