Masters in Professional and Technical Writing

Uploaded by Dr. Heidi Skurat Harris on 2017-03-12.

The Department of Rhetoric and Writing at UA Little Rock offers three options for graduate-level study:

  • The MA program in Professional and Technical Writing (36 or 42 hours)
  • The Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction (18 hours)
  • The Graduate Certificate in Business and Professional Writing (12 hours)

Contact the graduate coordinator, Dr. Heidi Harris ( for more details.

We offer the widest array of nonfiction writing and editing courses in the state of Arkansas.  You can choose from courses in

  • writing for business, government, and nonprofit organizations
  • writing for technical, scientific, and medical contexts
  • professional editing in workplace and academic contexts
  • teaching writing at all levels of education, both in person and online
  • writing works of creative nonfiction for publication and personal enrichment

If you want to strengthen your professionalism as a writer, editor, or teacher, if you are considering a career change, or if you want to explore writing as a form of personal growth, our programs are right for you.

We welcome applicants from any degree or profession. Extensive undergraduate coursework in writing is not required for admission — and neither are GRE scores.

All three programs accept applications year-round. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can get started!  Classes typically start in January (for spring semester), late May or July (for summer), or August (for fall). In some cases, you may also be able to start a mid-term accelerated course in October or March.

Our programs offer highly flexible scheduling for your busy lifestyle. The MA program and the Grad Certificate in Business and Professional Writing may both be completed entirely on campus, entirely online, or using a mix of on-campus and online courses. The Grad Certificate in Online Writing Instruction includes some courses that are taught only online, so students in that program must be either fully online or take a mix of on-campus and online coursework.  All of our on-campus required courses are taught in the late afternoon or at night at least once a year to accommodate the schedules of students who work full time.

Would you like to try out a class or two before you commit?  You can take courses as a post-baccalaureate student or as a non-degree-seeking graduate student. Courses taken as a non-degree-seeking grad student can be applied to a graduate certificate or MA degree once you are accepted to one of the programs.

Note:  Some online courses for this program alternate between synchronous and asynchronous formats from semester to semester. Synchronous offerings may include required video conference meetings offered at various times, with most scheduled for evenings and weekends.  *Synchronous requirements are applicable to students admitted in Spring 2023 or later.  Please contact the program coordinator for more information regarding course rotation.