Grades 3-4

July 9-20, 2018, from 12:30 to 5:30 pm at UA LITTLE ROCK

Open to students who will complete third or fourth grade this spring.  These classes offer a creative, educational experience with limited enrollment, snack time, a guest speaker, and Brain Games.

Students will take two classes.

STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

Course Descriptions

Finding Art, Everywhere!
STEAM—Amanda Mamula (Art)

All of modern and ancient technologies owe their greatness to the arts, even plumbing and city planning! The arts are everywhere you look around; you just have to know how to see the everyday in a brand new way. Let’s journey into the unknown and discover how the arts and science use technology to change the world since the beginning of time by creating projects that are arts based inspiring the rest of the world.


Fish Tails
Engineering—Margaret Wang (Fish)

Engineers are at the very center of innovation… they create, innovate, and solve problems.  Can we engineer a prosthetic to help a dolphin without a tail?  Using creative engineering processes, we can design a fix for that.  Join us for a “transformational” exploration of how engineering-design challenges inspire creative problem solving that improve animal life.  We will learn about important factors to keep in mind when designing prosthetic devices as they engineer a model leg for an elephant and a model beak for an eagle.  We will also explore the story of Winter, a dolphin with a prosthetic tail.   In our final design challenge we will create a model prosthetic device for a fish that will be part of an exhibit for visitors.


How about those GREEKS?!
Social Science—Jenny Gray (Greeks)

Why did EVERYTHING King Midas touch turn to gold?  Did Prometheus REALLY steal fire and give it to the humans? As we study Greek civilizations, we will learn how these stories and others were responsible for introducing the world to architectures, astronomy, theater, and the most amazing discoveries in math, science, and literature.  You may “think” that you know all about the mysterious myths and tales of Greek gods and goddesses and those epic adventure stories that you see in movies, but maybe…just maybe… you don’t!  Together we will see what our lives would have been like had we lived in ancient times.


Inflatables! (3-4)
STEM—Faye Hanson (Inflate)

What’s up with air anyway?  Students will combine science, math, and art to create inflatable structures.  Beginning with science, student will explore how air flow is used in inflatables of all sizes.  Study how air moves and learn about the physical properties of air.  How does various pressure change the behavior of air?   In this class we will design a concept, considering both exterior and interior space.  Then we will transform ideas from  a sketch to a 3-D model.  Students will measure, cut, and construct the inflatable, creating a re-usable structure that only need to be “blown up” with air


Leggo my Lego! 
STEM + Art = STEAM—Holly Jenkins and Josh Penticoff (Leggo)

If LEGOs and creativity are your passion, you will love this awesome experience!  We will study art from the great artists of the world and use LEGOs to design and build mosaics, abstract art pieces, sculptures, and other art forms.  Let your creativity explode with this fun, exciting, and hands-on class.  You don’t want to miss this!


Liftoff: Rockets and Rovers  (Sorry, this session full!  Please select another awesome course)
Aerospace Engineering—Elena Lovins (Liftoff)

Come see how NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer rovers can be used to explore faraway worlds.  Learn about the International Space Station and what it takes to get there.  You will engineer rockets and rovers, test them out, and have the opportunity to improve your design.  Come explore the planets and moons in our solar system.  How far will your rocket go?


Ole’ Mexico!
Culture— Leticia Rios (Ole’)

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a piñata and what the favorite foods of Mexico taste like?  Why is the artist Frida so famous?  Get ready to spend two exciting weeks exploring Mexico’s rich culture and fascinating history.  We will create flowers and cascarones used for parties, learn why the people of Mexico speak Spanish, and discover many similarities and interesting cultural differences while learning dances, songs, traditions, and beloved stories.


Shapes that Tessalate
Geometry/Art—Tara Meacham (Tessalate)

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Would you like to see how geometry has helped create art for over 6,000 years? If so, join the team as we learn about the world of Dutch artist M.C. Escher and ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep.  Tessellations were used by the Sumerians around 4,000 B.C. and are still being used today.  They even form their own class of patterns in nature.  Come along as we explore advanced geometry in art!


To the Rescue!
Engineering—Tara Fox (Rescue!)

Natural disasters occur around the world almost every day, with little warning. These devastating events can cause loss of the basics and essentials for living. A huge and destructive earthquake has hit Haiti, and the citizens are in need of some help! We will step into the role of engineers and develop “aid drop packages” that can be delivered from an aircraft to the needy citizens of Haiti. We will learn how to support and protect buildings during earthquakes so the country can avoid devastation of this degree in the future. We will also engineer model buildings that are resistant to  this devastation and develop building codes that help others engineer earthquake resistant structures. Grab your hard hat, and let’s get to work!