Grades 1-2

July 8-19 (Monday – Friday) 12:30 pm – 5:15 pm

Open to students who will complete first or second grade in spring 2024. These classes offer a creative, one-of-a-kind educational experience with limited enrollment.

Students participate in two classes!

SLUFY 2024 Schedule:

12:30 p.m. student drop off

12:45 – 2:15 Homebase Class

2:15 – 2:30 Snack in Homebase Class

2:30 – 3:20 Student Choice Activities

3:30-5:00 Discovery Class

5:15 – Student dismissal and pick up

Course Descriptions

CLOSED!  NO MORE AVAILABILITY.  Kitchen Alchemy: Exploring Culinary Reactions.    

Brittany Senn (Alchemy)

Learn how to turn a pizza box into a solar oven and a lemon into a volcano. Join us for an engaging and interactive class that brings the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into the kitchen. Participants will explore the fascinating realm of chemical reactions, physical transformations, and technological innovations that occur when food products are introduced to STEM principles. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of food science as you experiment with ingredients, observe reactions, and discover the scientific principles at play in your kitchen.


Cosmic Explorers: Journeying into the Wonders of Space 

Gayla Pace (Space)

Galaxies and solar systems, superheroes and astronauts, this course has it all! We will lift off into space this summer, but first let’s be prepared. This course will launch into all things about space and the solar system. We will begin by creating astronauts’ outfits to make sure we are safe for blast off in the rocket ship using the stars to guide our way. Then after watching our rocket launch, we will learn about the moon phases and Oreos. Yes, Oreos! Lastly, after visiting all the planets in the solar system, we will create our own planet to visit.  And, I guarantee we will have an “alien” encounter before we go home!


CLOSED – NO MORE AVAILABILITY  Crazy Contraptions: Building Adventures with Chain Reactions

Lauren Gaskell (Crazy)

Do you like to build?  Ever wondered how a tightrope walker can balance on a tightrope without falling? What goes up, must come down unless it is held up by balanced forces.  In this course we will discover the wonderful world of Structural Engineering. Throughout the course we will develop an understanding of gravity, force, motion, friction, speed, potential, and kinetic energy as we build structures and perform experiments to help test our theories. We will look at how balanced forces are at work all around us and the important part friction plays in our everyday lives. This course is perfect for building skills in understanding cause and effect, perseverance, and creative problem solving.


Inventors’ Playground: Creating, Testing, and Understanding Toys

Susan Rainer (Toys)

Schools out for the summer!  But who says you can’t combine your love for toys and your love for science!  This summer join me as we explore, test, and use our engineering skills to study and create toys! All types of science are possible in this course.  We can explore the sound as it travels through toys, changes in matter as we create toys using heat and how we can manipulate light.  We will also study physics and energy concepts as we study the laws of motion, kinetic and potential energy, and balances. The possibilities are endless as we explore the world through toys!


Music Maestros Club: Creating Musical Masterpieces

Megan Roach (Music)

Welcome to Music Maestros Club, an experience designed to nurture and develop the creative potential of young minds in the field of music. We will embark on a musical journey encompassing composition and exploration, Orff instrument skills, vocal techniques, and the power of imagination and emotions in musical expression. Join us on this exciting musical adventure to unleash our inner maestro as we create and explore captivating musical masterpieces!


CLOSED! NO MORE AVAILABILITY.  The Slightly Sneaky Society of Master Minds 

Jennifer Eddy (Minds)

Do you have amazing ideas and believe that anything is possible? If you enjoy designing, building, experimenting, creating, and inventing, then you will love our class for “slightly sneaky” master minds!  Uncover gifts and talents you never knew you had as we dive into science, technology, engineering, art, and math. We will explore geometric structures and 3D design.  Join me and fellow master minds as we experiment with balance, forces, motion, analyze materials, and create original designs. Let’s have fun and enrich your summer!


Weather Whiz Kids: Exploring the Science between Sun and Storms

Lisa Pilschke (Weather)

Have you ever been fascinated by the mysteries of weather? In this course, we will explore the diverse elements of weather phenomena. We will learn to predict weather changes by understanding various weather patterns and crafting our own forecasting tools. Get ready to become Weather Whiz Kids as we delve into the forces of nature, discovering how the sun, wind, and water can be harnessed to generate power. Join us to unlock the secrets of weather and its incredible impact on our world!