Grades 1-2

July 10-21 (Monday – Friday)

Open to students who will complete first or second grade in spring 2023. These classes offer a creative, one-of-a-kind educational experience with limited enrollment.

Students participate in two classes!

Course Descriptions

Bridges, Towers, and Cobras, Oh My! (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Susan Rainer and Lauren Gaskell (Bridges)

Do you like to build?  What goes up, must come down unless it is held up by balanced forces.  In this course we will discover the wonderful world of Structural Engineering. Throughout the course we will develop an understanding of gravity, force, motion, speed, potential and kinetic energy as we build structures to help test our theories.  This course is perfect for building skills in understanding cause and effect, perseverance, and creative problem solving – and, oh… the Cobra is something we build with popsicle sticks!

Chef Tales (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Lori Martin (Chef)

If you love to watch cooking shows on TV and think…,”I can do that, too!”, then this class is for you! We will read familiar and fun picture books with an emphasis on food, then whip up easy-to-follow recipes to make, taste, and rate our creations all while keeping a cooking journal! It will be like starring in our own cooking show and YOU get to be one of the stars!  In the end, you’ll have a recipe journal to take home!

Kids Save the World (ecology) (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Jennifer Powers (World)

Do you have amazing ideas on how to have a positive impact on the environment? If you enjoy designing, building, experimenting, creating, and inventing, then you will love our class for “global guardians.”  We will create our own nature guide journals by making paper, conduct science experiments that control reduce trash and organic waste.  Join me and fellow guardians as we learn how to make small, everyday super changes that will lead to a happier, healthier planet.  You, yes, you! can save the world!

Musical Tales of Marvelous Creatures (music)
Megan Roach (Creatures)

Our journey will span from the depths of the seas to the vast skies above as we explore stories of earth’s creatures through music and exciting side trip adventures.  We will learn of the mighty songs of whales and use glockenspiels to create our own. Our travels extend to Africa where we soothe a young elephant to sleep with lullabies, then embark on a rhythmic lion hunt utilizing our personally decorated drum and instruments crafted in Ghana.  Come soar with the winged beasts of our world using scarves and ribbons. Pack your imagination and join our melodic adventure of creatures galore.

SLUFY Detective Society (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Caty Douglas (Detective)

Do you enjoy solving riddles and puzzles?  If you are an aspiring sleuther, then try your hand at solving our exciting cases.  This summer we will use our best detective skills to find our culprits! We will decode secret messages, analyze crime scenes with our handy dandy magnifying glasses, and study fingerprints.  I look forward to investigating with you!

Starship Troopers (space) (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Gayla Pace (Starship)

Galaxies and solar systems, superheroes and astronauts, this course has it all! We will lift off into space this summer, but first let’s be prepared. This course will launch into all things about space and the solar system. We will begin by creating astronauts’ outfits to make sure we are safe for blast off in the rocket ship using the stars to guide our way. Then after watching our rocket launch, we will learn about the moon phases and Oreos. Yes, Oreos. Lastly, after visiting all the planets in the solar system that we will create their own planet to visit.  And, I guarantee we will have an “alien” encounter before we go home!

Weather Warriors (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Lisa Pilschke (Weather)

Have you ever wondered why the weather forecast doesn’t always match what really happens? In this course, we will investigate the causes of weather changes and invent tools to help us accurately forecast the weather. We will even create our own thunder and lightning! We will analyze the conditions of severe weather and use our creative brain power to invent solutions to protect people from weather- related hazards.  Join the “Weather Warriors” as we “weather” the mostly sunny and stormy skies together!

Wet and Wild (oceanography) (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Laurel Davenport (Wild)

Did you know that the ocean contains 99 percent of all living space on Earth? Take a deep dive into our oceans and learn all about Earth’s watery ecosystem! Together we will create a submarine, explore the properties of fresh water and salt water, and create the layers of the ocean. We will also learn fascinating, wild facts about ocean life – from algae to illuminated fish and dolphins to turtles. Join us as we take a wet and wild dive under the sea!