Grades 5-6

July 8 -19 (Monday – Friday)  12:30 pm – 5:15 pm

Open to students who will complete 5th or 6th grade in spring 2024.
These classes offer a creative, one-of-a-kind educational experience with limited enrollment.
Students participate in two classes!

SLUFY 2024 Schedule:

12:30 p.m. student drop off

12:45 – 2:15 Homebase Class

2:15 – 2:30 Snack in Homebase Class

2:30 – 3:20 Student Choice Activities

3:30-5:00 Discovery Class

5:15 – Student dismissal and pick up

Course Descriptions

Curtain UP! (performance)  

Shay Rafferty (UP!)

Do you love to sing, act, and dance?  OR…have you ever wondered how it all comes together (behind the scenes)? If so, then you must “cast” yourself as a member in this active, fun class.

Join this amazing class where we create, design, produce, choreograph, and perform YOUR choice of a popular musical number.   We always have a blast!    Learn all about what musical theater offers a budding talent.  Don’t miss your chance to “star” in a scene from a Broadway musical!  The curtain is rising as we are bound for Broadway!

CLOSED – NO MORE AVAILABILITY    Full SteAm Ahead:  Art Meets Engineering!

Amanda Mamula (Ahead)

Welcome to Full SteAm ahead! We will see how the arts have played an active role in shaping all of modern technology from buildings to fashion. We will be making tons of hands-on experiments and art – such as weaving, launching airplanes, city planning and so much more.
Let’s put the ART in SteAm.

From Bard to Broadway: The Art of Adaptation and Pop Music (literature/creative writing/performance)

Laura Langley (Bard)

Have you ever wondered what your favorite story would look like if told from a different perspective? Join From Bard to Broadway if you’re interested in exploring the power of perspective in storytelling. We’ll explore the classic Shakespearean tragedy and the modern day retellings that add dimension to our understanding of our world. Join us if you enjoy creating stories, imagining classic tales from new angles, and enacting stories!

Fish Tails (STEM)  (biomechanical engineering)

Otis Banks (Fish)

Sometimes animals need our help! Just like humans, other animals can regain the function of a missing limb with the aid of a prosthetic device. In this class, you will be introduced to engineering and the Engineering Design Process and work to engineer a solution to a biomechanical engineering challenge. You will learn about important factors to keep in mind when designing prosthetic devices as you engineer a model leg for an elephant and a model beak for an eagle. Come and learn how to use biomechanical engineering to design a model prosthetic device for a fish in Fish Tails.

The Science and Art of Disc Golf (technology)

Matt Diffey (Disc)

Participants will learn the basics of disc golf as they play through situations that are physically and intellectually demanding. Disc golf is similar to ball golf, but participants throw discs at targets instead of hitting a ball into a hole in the ground. Discs are designed to go different distances and have different flight patterns, which will factor into throwing the disc at a target.  Participants will learn about the science and physics behind disc molding and manufacturing processes.  Students will also benefit from practicing stretching, throwing, and other strength training exercises throughout activities. The sessions will include and reinforce sportsmanship, honesty, patience, optimism, forward thinking, along with overcoming obstacles and others.