Grades 3-4





July 10-21 (Monday – Friday)

Open to students who will complete 3rd or 4th grade in spring 2023.

These classes offer a creative, one-of-a-kind educational experience with limited enrollment.

Students participate in two classes!

Course Descriptions:

3 2 1 Blastoff! (Rocketry) (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Misty Davis (Rockets)

Have you ever wanted to explore the science of rocketry? Come learn all about the types of rockets and how they are built. See how the International Space Station plays a vital role in this science. Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion in action and how they lift rockets into space.  We will impress NASA with our inner scientist as we design, create, and test our rocket ships. Get ready for liftoff because it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Can You Dig It?  (STEM and History) (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Tiffany Scruggs (Dig It!)

Join fellow explorers with a thirst for adventure as we travel through time and around the world to unearth secrets that lay below our feet. In this hands-on class, we will learn how & why archaeologists use burial sites to gather information through “cookie” excavation.  What stories do burial objects tell? We will practice the science of mummification & find out why some tombs stand the test of time while others completely disappear. We will even leave our own messages for future archaeologists. Time to dig deep as we uncover evidence, find clues, and solve mysteries!

Floatables! (science and engineering) (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Otis Banks (Float)

Make ordinary materials look alive. Use your imagination to create a “floatable” design using plastic grocery bags.  In this course you will use your creative skills to design and create a pattern – then use heat and air to inflate your floatable.  Maybe your floatable can be used to attract customers to a business!  Learn to be a “leak” detective and a patch expert!  Join us for this exciting design and engineering challenge that floats everyone’s boat!

It’s Your Move!  (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Denies (pronounced “Dennis”) Matlock (Games)

Calling all gamers! “Checkmate!” “You sank my battleship!” “King me!” In this fun course, we will play many types of strategy games – from Abalone to Zertz and many in between. We will practice strategies that will help you be the champion of any game you play and how to be a great sport. We will even design and playtest your own strategy game. What are you waiting for? It’s Your Move!

LEGO Builders Guild (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Holly Jenkins (LEGO)

Calling all Master Builders! Do you enjoy building with LEGO’s? Have you ever thought of a career in architecture or design? As a member of the LEGO Builders Guild, we will use basic math concepts to craft structures, draw blue prints, and experiment with different shapes using LEGO’s. This fun, hands-on class will be filled with creativity and math. Join us this summer for two weeks of building and creating with LEGOS!

MacGyvers (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Kristina Rutherford (MacGyvers)

In MacGyvers, YOU become the ultimate problem-solver.  A MacGyver is a person who can escape from any situation using common items.  We use the best classic tales from around the world to design and create solutions to help our favorite storybook characters. We will design and test parachutes for Jack’s Golden Egg Delivery Service. We will learn how to design, construct, and test the best bridges to support the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We will even analyze and execute a tower escape plan for Rapunzel. Classic characters are in desperate need of YOUR special skills to secure their happily ever after!  So…. how good are you at designing ziplines?

Ready to Robot (This class is full – please chose another exciting class)
Alex Bates

Are you ready to build, code, and experiment with robots?  If “Yes!” is your answer, then this is the class for you. We will be racing sphero chariots, programing robots with Micro: Bits, and building our own robots out of recycled materials. Come join us for “Ready to Robot” during SLUFY 2023!