Grades 3-4

July 8-19 (Monday – Friday)  12:30 pm – 5:15 pm

Open to students who will complete 3rd or 4th grade in spring 2024.

These classes offer a creative, one-of-a-kind educational experience with limited enrollment. Students participate in two classes!

SLUFY 2024 Schedule

12:30 p.m. Student drop off
12:45 – 2:15 Homebase Class
2:15 – 2:30 Snack in Homebase Class
2:30 – 3:20 Student Choice Activities
3:30 – 5 p.m. Discovery Class
5:15 p.m. Student dismissal and pick up

Course Descriptions


Jennifer Baker (Zorg)

Oh, no! During our regular meeting of Math Whiz Kids, King Alpha, the ruler of Planet Zorg, transported our room to his planet. But why?  News of our amazing math and puzzle club has reached across the universe, and King Pi wanted to bring the fun to his planet.  And to make sure we could not easily return to Earth; pieces of a spaceship are hidden all over Zorg! Our club’s mission is to locate the missing parts of our spaceship by solving puzzles and outsmarting the guardians of each part. Whether we are solving math problems to escape the room where we sleep and eat, building a better/stronger bridge to outsmart the Zorgs, using logic and memory puzzles to navigate our way through an undersea labyrinth to find hidden parts, or clearing a path by blowing away space blockades with our balanced block structures, we need you!  How our rocket engine ended up being guarded by a math-loving dragon in the castle dungeon – we’ll never know.  Working in teams, our math smarts will either wake up the dragon or keep him asleep.  Come on team.. Let’s get that engine!

Imagination Engineers: Building Adventures with LEGO Bricks

Holly Jenkins and Lori Martin (LEGO)

(Note: By popular demand, Summer Laureate is offering two sections of this very popular course)
Calling all LEGO Builders! Do you enjoy building with LEGO’s? Have you ever thought of a career in architecture or design? As a member of LEGO Building Adventures, you will look at careers where LEGO’s are used, and how these fun building blocks can be incorporated into art. We will also use basic math concepts to craft structures, draw blueprints, and experiment with creative creations through the use of LEGO’s. This fun, hands-on class will be filled with creativity and math. Join us this summer for two weeks of building and creating with LEGOS!


Kristina Rutherford (MacGyvers)

In MacGyvers, YOU become the ultimate problem-solver.  A MacGyver is a person who can escape from any situation using common items.  We use the best classic tales from around the world to design and create solutions to help our favorite storybook characters. We will design and test parachutes for Jack’s Golden Egg Delivery Service. We will learn how to design, construct, and test the best bridges to support the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  We will even analyze and execute a tower escape plan for Rapunzel. Classic characters are in desperate need of YOUR special skills to secure their happily ever after!  So…. how good are you at designing ziplines?

CLOSED – NO MORE AVAILABILITY  Maker Marvels Academy: Building, Tinkering, and Creating

Tiffany Scruggs (Dig It!)

Dive into a world of fun, invention, and hands-on creativity! Imaginations will soar through exciting building projects, inventive tinkering sessions, and a myriad of creative activities where every child can explore, learn, and express themselves. From constructing unique gadgets to experimenting with innovative crafts, your child will be at the heart of an unforgettable journey of discovery. Let the Maker Marvels adventure begin, igniting creativity, one marvel at a time!

Mystery at the Metropolitan (art/mystery)

Laura Depriest (Mystery)

Strange occurrences are happening at the most famous art museum in the world, and we need all of our SLUFY detectives to help solve the mysteries before the big evening Gala.   Help the mummies escape the labyrinth.  Find the missing parts of Picasso’s Pensive Harlequins in an amazing puzzle-piece scavenger hunt.  And we can’t even talk about the incredible mix-up between the Greek and Roman galleries!  Can you help sort out the Mystery of the Great Art Mix-up at the Met?  This hands-on class combines art appreciation with problem-solving and art design challenges.  Thanks to you, the Gala will be saved!

Tactical Titans Club: Conquering Games with Wit and Wisdom

Denies (pronounced “Dennis”) Matlock (Titans)

How sweet is it to say “Checkmate!”? Chess is a legendary game played around the world, but did you know there are many versions of the game? Almost every civilization and culture that has had its hands on Chess changed it in some way, and we gamers continue to adapt the game to this day.  In this course, we will explore many different varieties: from international games like Shogi, Xian-qi, and Chaturanga to modern classics like Fairy Chess and 3D Chess. Let’s play!

Thrills and Chills: The Art of Amusement Park Design

Charlotte Cook (Thrills)

Ticket Please! Welcome to the exciting world of Amusement Park Design! In this interactive course, we will embark on a thrilling journey to explore the creative and engineering aspects of designing our very own amusement park. From creating thrilling rides and attractions to understanding safety measures and park layouts, we will delve into the magic behind amusement parks.  What is the science behind loop-the-loop roller coasters?  How does centripetal force help guests stay in their seats on a thrill ride?  Through hands-on activities, group projects, and fun challenges, we will unleash our imagination and learn key concepts in design, teamwork, and problem-solving. Get ready for a rollercoaster of creativity and exploration in the fantasy world of coasters, carousels, and creativity!


Melanie Maupin (Robot)

CLASS CLOSED – NO MORE AVAILABILITY  Get ready for an electrifying summer adventure with “Ready to Robot!” This class combines fun, learning, and robotic excitement!  Immerse yourself in a world of creativity as we embark on thrilling adventures as we create robots to solve real world problems! Your imagination will come to life with every redesign of your bot! Use your engineering design skills as you plan your robot and make it come to life. Much more is in store with “Ready to Robot!” Don’t miss this amazing class!