Request for Funds Transfer (FIN001)

Use the Request for Funds Transfer when you want to transfer money from one fund to another (rather than moving budget within the same fund).

Request for Funds Transfer (FIN001)



Fiscal Year: Enter the fiscal year the transfer is to take place.

Type of Transfer: If you click on the gray box, a drop-down arrow will appear. You can click this arrow to change transfer type.

  • Standard: For a standard funds transfer. This option is most common.
  • Cash Match: This is for transfers to grant funds when the grant agreement specifies that the university must match a portion of the grant. This option is not often used.

Department: Enter the name of the department preparing the form.

Prepared by: Enter the preparer’s name, email address, phone number, and the date.

Section A – Budget Transfer “From” Fund: Enter the FUND and ORGN from which you are transferring the funds. Next, enter the budget pool ACCT code from which you are transferring budget. (For example, if you are transferring a portion of your maintenance budget, enter the maintenance budget pool account “710000” on the ACCT line.) Finally, enter in the PROG code for the budget you are transferring and the AMOUNT of the transfer.

The form allows the user to move up to two budget pools from the “from” FUND and ORGN and four budget pools into the “to” FUND and ORGN. To transfer between multiple budget pools utilize the additional lines for ACCT, PROG, ACTV (optional), and AMOUNT in Sections A and B.

Section B – Budget Transfer “To” Fund: Enter the FUND and ORGN you are transferring the funds into. Next, enter all the budget pool account codes and program code where you want the budget increased.

Purpose: Describe the purpose or reason for the transfer.

Approvals: The form is now complete. Obtain signatures. Two different signatures are required, one from the financial manager and one from the supervisor. If both funds are under control of the same manager, the same person can sign as financial manager on the “from” and “to” lines; however, a supervisor signature will still be required.

Routing: Routing is auto-populated based on the funds entered above. Please route as directed.

Section C, D, E: These sections auto-populate and are for administrative processing only.