Off-Campus Property Reassignment Form

Use this form to document property that is located off-campus.

All UA Little Rock property located off-campus must be recorded on this form. Property located at sites other than UA Little Rock land and facilities shall be considered off-campus for the purpose of this form. Property located off-campus may be used only to complete regular UA Little Rock business and cannot be used for personal reasons.

Approval for use of UA Little Rock property off-campus must be obtained in writing from the Department Head. Responsibility for all assigned property rests with the Department Head regardless of the location of the property.

Off-Campus Property Reassignment Form



Permanent Tag Number: The number on the property tag that is affixed to the asset.

Description: The description of the asset, including the serial number and model number, if available.

Custodian: The custodian or person responsible for the property.

Phone Number: The phone number of the custodian of the property.

Address: The street address where the property is located.

Location Type: The most common off-campus location is HOME.

Department Transferring Off-Campus: The name of the department responsible for the asset.

Cost Center: The cost center for the responsible department.

Department Head Signature: The signature of the Department Head which authorizes the property to be taken off UA Little Rock property.