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IT Competency Exam

The following classes will have as a prerequisite a minimum score of 70% on the IT Competency Exam beginning spring, 2015:

  • Accounting 2310
  • Accounting 2330
  • Business Information Systems 3305
  • Business Information Systems 3352

Note: The IT competency exam is required for the above four courses regardless of completion of past computer-science coursework.  This exam is not for credit; it is a prerequisite to gauge current knowledge necessary for successful completion of the College of Business Core.

Use the following steps to meet this prerequisite:

  • Step 1: Review exam details in the document, “IT Competency Exam Content.”
  • Step 2: Setup your testing account in SAM. Follow the instructions on the instruction sheet, “SAM Student Registration Instructions.”
  • Step 3: Contact UALR’s Office of Testing Services and Student Life Research to reserve a time to complete the exam. Students are no longer able to make an appointment by phone, please make all proctoring appointments online at  You have two testing options:
  • Step 4: When at the testing site and ready to complete the exam, you will log into the SAM Challenge site using the login information you used in Step 2. The exam is password protected and can be made accessible only by a testing center employee. You may use notes during the exam (no book), but the notes will be collected by the staff person administering the exam before you leave the computer. Upon completion of the exam, the testing center staff person assisting you will note the exam score and enter it into UALR’s BOSS system; this score will be evaluated for meeting a course prerequisite when you register for a course requiring passage of the IT Competency Exam.  Print out copy of test score for documentation before closing exam.
  • Step 5: Keep in a safe place your SAM Access Code and SAM login information in case you need to retest. The same access code will be used for future test administrations.

IT Competency Exam Process Instructions

IT Competency Exam Content (revised June 2015)

SAM Student Registration Instructions (revised Mar. 2016)