Graduation Information

The Office of Records and Registration provides helpful information on how to apply for graduation.

If you are completing all your requirements, you can submit a graduation application through your BOSS account. NOTE: You should not apply to graduate in a semester that you will not be finished with requirements when grades post for that term.

Please note, submission of a graduation application does not guarantee graduation. You must meet all university and major requirements to receive your degree.

If you are completing multiple programs, make sure to submit a graduation application for each degree (such as one for your bachelor’s degree and a certificate).

Do not assume that things will be taken care of automatically. If a requirement is listed on your graduation application, it means that we have no record of it and therefore it has not been met.

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How graduation application are processed:

  • Your online application is automatically submitted to your major department where it is reviewed and submitted to the college dean’s office. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your application is being processed.
  • The application is reviewed by the dean’s office and submitted to Registration/Records. You may view the application online at anytime during this process. You should contact your major department about any issues you have with the application.
  • After grades are posted for the semester for which you applied, Registration/Records reviews the applications and clears students who have met all the requirements for graduation. A notice is sent from Registration/Records with information about getting your diploma.
  • Applications for students with outstanding requirements listed on the graduation application are notified by Records/Registration that they did not graduate and must reapply for graduation.