Undergraduate Business Analytics Program

At UA Little Rock’s School of Business, we offer undergraduates a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Certificate of Proficiency in Business Analytics. We also offer a graduate certificate in business analytics. All are offered fully online. Employers across many industries recognize the knowledge and skills that come with completing a business analytics program.

The Business Analytics program provides students with the knowledge needed to collect and interpret data while equipping them with real-world skills and insight into the business analytics field. Increasingly important in today’s global market, business analysts are vital to the efficiency and success of companies across all industries, making a degree in business analytics more rewarding than ever.

The BBA in Business Analytics is a STEM degree: (STEM coded: CIP Code 52.1301).

B.B.A. in Business Analytics

Pursue a high-demand, lucrative career by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics. This interdisciplinary business degree develops the technical and analytical skills which you can apply to decision making in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. The four-year degree can be completed fully online.

BBA in Business Analytics Degree Checklist 
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Certificate of Proficiency in Business Analytics

Differentiate yourself with the Business Analytics Certificate of Proficiency. Since analytical techniques are being integrated into all business disciplines, this undergraduate certificate will allow you to focus on skill development and decision making in your area of specialization. These added competencies can become a focus in your job search. The certificate can be completed fully online. View the curriculum for the certificate.

Certificate of Proficiency Checklist

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