Where is the Donaghey Scholars Program located on campus?
Our offices are located on the third floor of Dickinson Hall, the red brick building near Cooper Fountain. Our mailing address and contact information is:
Donaghey Scholars Program
University of Arkansas Little Rock
2801 South University Ave
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 569-3389

My ACT score is 25. Could I still apply to the Donaghey Scholars Program?
Yes. You should apply. The median ACT scores for students who are admitted to the Program is 28, but students who demonstrate a strong academic record are still competitive applicants.

I already have college credit. Do I have to take all of the Donaghey Scholars core curriculum?
Upon the recommendation of the Director, students with prior college credits or AP credits may petition the Policy Council for exemption from a Scholars core course. To apply, students must fill out an exemption form detailing the courses that would justify exemption.

I am currently enrolled at UALR or another university. May I still apply to the Program?
We accept applications from students currently enrolled at UALR and at other universities. However, students should be advised that graduation may be delayed in order to complete the core requirements of the Program. Because Donaghey Scholars core courses are interdisciplinary, students may need to take most, if not all, of the core courses in order to meet requirements.

How will my other grants and/or scholarships be affected if I am accepted into the Donaghey Scholars Program?
A Scholar can receive up to eight semesters of funding as an undergraduate student. If the student has been awarded other scholarships, the Office of Financial Aid will determine the total amount of funding a student may receive.

I am already fluent in another language. Do I still have to study a foreign language?
If English is your second language, you will not be required to study a foreign language. However, if your major has foreign language requirements, you may be asked to demonstrate your proficiency on an oral exam. Also, if you are already proficient in a second langauage through academic study, you may also demonstrate your skills through an oral proficieny exam. 

Does the Program provide housing/dorm expenses?
Students admitted to the Program receive a stipend, currently between $4,500 and $10,000 per year. In addition to the stipend, students who choose to live on campus may request an additional $1,000 per year for housing expenses.

My question has not been answered, who can I contact for more information?
Please feel free to contact us via email at dsp@ualr.edu or by phone at (501)569-3389.