Important Announcement!!!!

Hello and WELCOME ! UALR is proud that you have elected to take part in the Concurrent Enrollment Program. We want to wish you all the best in the first steps toward a higher education.

Below are the necessary steps to accessing your student account.

In order to access your account, you will need to go to and click on the link “my.ualr” in the upper right corner. On that page is an icon to BOSS.

To log into boss, you will need the user ID ( T#) and a PIN number. If you do know either of those numbers, you must call Records and Registration at 501-569-3110, as they are the only people who can reset the PIN number for you. Once you have access to BOSS, you can access transcripts, the student account, and grades. You can even pay your bill from there!!

Remember too, if at any time you need assistance, you may call me, but I don’t have the power to change PIN numbers. :)


The CE student’s role is to study, learn, and appreciate the beginning of the adventure into college life. The primary concern of the student should be to utilize the CE program and the courses offered to its full potential. This can and will allow students a more successful and focused acclimation into on campus college life.