Advancing Gifted Education

As one of only 25 centers in the nation dedicated to the development of gifted students, the Jodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education is uniquely poised to offer training, and guidance to Arkansas residents who are a part of our high-achieving community of thinkers, doers, and learners. The Center is the home of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock graduate programs in gifted education, one of the largest of its kind in the United States. It focuses on:

  • STEM education
  • Professional development
  • Research
  • Graduate programs
  • AP summer institutes
  • Pre-collegiate programs

Roll it!

The National Science Teachers Association Conference featured the Jodie Mahony Center and STEM Starters+!  Documentary

Encore!  MT Stage: The Hamilton Experience is back for 2018!

The Jodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education is thankful to the Arkansas Department of Education and the AEGIS (Academic Enrichment for GT in Summer) grant program for the opportunity to present the MT Stage: the Hamilton Experience again in Summer 2018.  Click here to learn more about MT Stage: The Hamilton Experience.


Duke TIP Recognition Ceremony is May 9, 2018.

Click here for more information on Duke TIP.