Graduate Programs


The Center supports a full range of graduate programs in gifted education:


Licensure in Gifted and Talented Education is a K-12 licensure attached to an existing license in general or specific education. Licensure is an 18-hour program.

NEW 30 hour Master of Education with Online Course Options 

The masters program in Gifted and Talented Education prepares educators for roles as classroom teachers, gifted and talented facilitators, gifted program coordinators, and educational cooperative supervisors. The Masters is a 30-33 hour program.

Doctor of Education

The doctoral program requires 60 post-Masters hours. The specialization in Gifted and Talented Education is a co-emphasis within the Educational Administration and Supervision program and focuses on curriculum and professional development.

Teaching Advanced Placement

Online, Summers, and Saturdays Masters Program
To accommodate the busy professional, the masters program can be completed with online Saturday and summer short courses.