GATE Courses

GATE 7191, 7291, 7391 Independent Study- Prerequisite: consent of advisor.  Directed individual study of selected topics.

GATE 7193, 7293, 7393 Special Topics– Prerequisite: consent of instructor.  Topics may include administration and supervision of gifted programs, specialized curriculum and technology, social and emotional needs of the gifted, program evaluation and performance assessment.

GATE 7350 Teaching the Gifted and Talented– Characteristics, needs of gifted and talented children, youths; identification procedures; types of educational programs available; historical and philosophical foundations required of professionals in the field; history of the gifted child movement.

GATE 7355 Creativity Seminar– Concepts of creativity; emphasis on relationships to education of gifted and talented students; theoretical, experimental aspects of the creative processes; their application to instruction.

GATE 7356 Current Issues in Research on Education of the Gifted and Talented– Prerequisite: Teaching the Gifted and Talented 7350.  Recent theoretical, practical research; students assist in identification of applicable current issues, conduct literature searches, synthesize results to develop appropriate position statements; may be repeated once for credit.

GATE 7357 Curriculum and Instruction in Gifted Education– Prerequisite: Teaching Gifted and Talented 7350.  In-depth study of various instructional and curriculum models appropriate for use with gifted and talented students.  Students will develop a curriculum project including a rationale, goals, objectives, learning activities, applications of technology and curriculum based assessment plans.

GATE 7361 Advanced Placement for Talented Youth– Policies, procedures, and program and curriculum design for accelerative options.  Includes principles of optimal match, curriculum articulation, vertical teaming and comparisons of national and international accelerative program models and assessments.

GATE 7362 Administrative and Legal Issues in Gifted Education– Policies, procedures and practices for coordinating/ administering programs for the gifted.  Includes discussion of administrative issues of programming, identification of minorities, teacher selection, staff development, and program evaluation.  Legal issues involved in gifted education, including due process, equity issues, and appropriate documentation are also discussed.

GATE 7363 Affective Needs of the Gifted and Talented– Prerequisite: Consent of the advisor.  Students will explore the major theories, unique issues, and various intervention strategies concerning the affective needs of the gifted students at all ages and stages of their development.

GATE 7390 Supervised Practicum– Prerequisites: GATE 7350, 7357, consent of advisor.  Practical application of content, instructional skills, competencies acquired in courses; may be repeated once for credit.

GATE 7395 Intership– Prerequisites: 12 graduate hours, consent of advisor.  Experience in the chosen specialization area under guidance of a practicing professional.  Offered on demand.

GATE 7399 Thesis– Prerequisites: Educational Foundations 7303, 15 additional graduate education hours, consent of advisor.  Formal research project; content determined with faculty committee chosen by student.  May be repeated for six hours total.