Associated Faculty and Staff

Dr. Ann Robinson, Director and Professor

Dr. Christine Deitz, Associate Director, Jodie Mahony Center

Dr. Deitz





Kristy Kidd, STEM Starter+ Project Director







Deborah Cook, Asst. Director, Ark. Advanced Placement Professional Development Center

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Becky Rogers, AP Institute Coordinator






Keila Moreno Navarrete, STEM Starters+ Data Specialist








Collaborating Faculty
Dr. Tony Hall, Physics
Dr. Judy Hayn, English
Dr. Gail Hughes, Educational Research
Dr. Kendra Lowery, Educational Leadership
Dr. Bronwyn MacFarlane, Gifted Education
Dr. Kristin Mann, History
Ms. Monica Meadows, Gifted Education
Ms. Romona Sawyer, Gifted Education
Dr. Amy Sedivy-Benton, Middle Chilhoood Education
Mr. Bill Shelley, Gifted Education