Math degrees open doors

By successfully completing the mathematics major you develop superior analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. All enterprises value these traits. Major in mathematics, and you increase your value to employers.

There are numerous fields that intersect with mathematics and statistics. So many, in fact, that this list isn’t even exhaustive:

Structural analysis, data analysis, financial mathematics, investment management, algorithm development, algorithm analysis, computer animation, computer graphics, video gaming, strategic analysis, game theory, population modeling, modeling of physical systems, mathematical biology, bioinformatics, fluid dynamics, aeronautics, simulation, actuarial science, business, economic development, urban planning, medicine, law, communications, transportation systems, data security, cryptology, engineering, mathematical research, history of mathematics, and teaching.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers B.S. and B.A. degrees, either of which can include the Secondary Education minor. We also offer graduate degrees, the M.S. in Mathematical Sciences and the Ph.D. in Applied Science. The Ph.D. degree is offered in conjunction with the Applied Science Department. The Mathematics & Statistics faculty is dedicated to teaching excellence. We value one-on-one time with our students and are committed to providing resources for our classes on the web. The faculty also has an excellent reputation in scholarship and community service. You can, by exploring this site, learn more about our department, our faculty, our degree programs, and careers in mathematics.