BFA in Art Admission Requirements

Admission of declared art majors to the BFA in Art, which includes tracks in Fine Art (or Studio Art) and Applied Design, occurs via a review process that includes:

  • Application
  • Written statement of the student’s goals
  • Transcript review
  • Portfolio review
  • Brief interview

The review for admission to the BFA is a two-step process requiring initial submission of the written statement and application followed by the submission of the portfolio and participation in the interview one week later. 

Students will be informed in writing, of the outcome of the admission process within two weeks of the interview date.

Entering students pursuing the BFA degree are declared in a pre-admit status and must apply for full admit status between 60 and 80 credit hours. Transfer student application status will be reviewed on an individual basis. BFA students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better to remain in the program. Students are allowed a total of three attempts to pass the review before they are ineligible for the BFA program. Students who have not gained admission to the BFA program may be graduated with a BA degree. 

Late applications are not accepted. Being late for the scheduled portfolio review time is not accepted. Students who are late or miss their review time will need to reapply at the next application date. Being late or missing the portfolio review will be considered as a “Nonaccepted” application, and will be counted as one of three possible attempts. As potential BFA in Art degree candidates, students are expected to be able to meet specific deadline.

Minimum Course Requirements

  • 15 hours Studio Prerequisites (ARST 1310, 1315, 2310, 2315, 2318)
  • 6 hours Art History
  • 3 hours Studio Foundation in intended emphasis area

Students may be currently enrolled in their last 2000 level studio prerequisite course when making application to the BFA. 12 hours of the studio prerequisite courses must have been successfully completed and/or transferred.

Students must have successfully completed 3 hours of art history, and may be currently enrolled in their second art history course when applying to the program.

Emphasis studio foundation course must have been successfully completed before submitting application.

GPA Requirements

Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in all art courses to be eligible for consideration.

Written Statement Requirements

Written statement as part of the application form, addressing the BFA degree’s application to your career and your decision in choosing your intended emphasis area.

Portfolio Requirements

Portfolios must include ten (10) to twelve (12) works. Portfolios must demonstrate the following: A strong technical proficiency in a variety of media, understanding of design and composition, creativity and exploration, as well as idea development. Portfolios should additionally demonstrate proficiency in the visual arts medium in which you wish to emphasize. Portfolios should include actual works of art produced in art courses at UALR or accredited institutions for transfer students.

Portfolio should be compiled into a pdf file and emailed to the BFA coordinator. Late application are not accepted. After submitting the digital portfolio students will bring a majority of the work in physical form for the review interview.

At least three (3) works need to be observational drawings regardless of the emphasis you wish to pursue. A minimum of three (3) works from your intended emphasis area, unless otherwise discussed with the BFA coordinator and emphasis area faculty.

All the pieces in your portfolio should be finished work that show completed ideas. Sketchbooks and sketches can also be submitted and are encouraged, but are to only be used to show your thought process and idea development of your completed pieces.

Presentation of work will be considered in the review of your portfolio. Attention should be given to the care taken in preparing, submitting, and documenting work.

The submitted works of art must be labeled with: student’s name, materials and size, course for which the work was created, semester and year when the course was taken.

Portfolio Review and Interview

A week after submitting the BFA application students must participate in a short portfolio review and interview with faculty.  Times will be assigned to those candidates who have met all other requirements.

Students will submit the digital portfolio the day before the in-person interview and review.  They must bring the majority of the work in physical form for the review.

During the portfolio review and interview, faculty will ask students about their presented work and intended goals.

Application Dates

Admission to the BFA program is conducted in the fall and spring semesters only; the admission process is not available during summer terms.

Late applications will not be accepted.

BFA Program and Application Process Q+A Tuesday, March 8 12:15pm-1:30pm and Wednesday, March 9 12:15pm-1:30pm in WCA+D room 101.
Email BFA Coordinator Peter Scheidt for Zoom Invitation

Applications due 11:59pm Friday, March 18 submitted via this Google Form. (Specific portfolio and written statement requirements are found in the Google Form.)

Portfolio reviews Friday, April 1 (Sign up for a time slot in the Google Form.)

To download a form fill PDF of the BFA in Art Application Form, UA Little Rock BFA Application Form.

If you have any questions about the BFA in Art Program or its application process, please contact Peter Scheidt at: