Learn more about the BFA Admissions Requirements online and make plans to attend one of the semesterly Q+A sessions listed under “Application Dates.” Please email BFA Coordinator Clark Valentine at if you have additional questions that are not answered here.

What is the difference between the B.A. and BFA?

Both degrees are 120 credit hours. The B.A. is categorized as a liberal arts degree and allows a student to study art with room to study other subjects in the department and on campus. For example: a student in the B.A. program might study both art and sign language in preparation to become an interpreter for a museum. The BFA is a professional degree for students who want to become working artists in their chosen fields, such as graphic design or ceramics.

If you are unsure what degree to pursue, please discuss your ideas and career goals with an advisor in the art department. They will help you with your decision.

Do I need a portfolio to be admitted to the art department?

No. You will however need a portfolio to apply for the BFA program. This application takes place after you have completed 60-80 credit hours of art classes and had an opportunity to build a portfolio. Find out more about the BFA application process.

Who do I talk to about advising?

The department has advisors for our undergraduate and certificate students. Incoming freshmen and transfer students should contact the Interim Director of the School of Art and Design, Joli Livaudais, at for initial advising.

For more specific information, visit our Advising page.

What are the different prefix codes used in the department?

The department uses prefix codes to manage items such as scheduling and course registration with the university systems.

  • ARAD is Applied Design (ceramics, furniture design and metals & jewelry)
  • ARED = Art Education
  • ARHA = Art History
  • ARST = Studio Art (drawing, graphic design, illustration, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture)
  • APD = Advanced Problems in Design

Is there a second language requirement for my degree?

There is a second language requirement for the B.A. in art history. None of the other degrees have a second language requirement.

What is an 'APD' course?

An APD (Advanced Problems in Design) course is a special topics course. These types of courses allow the department to incorporate unique offerings into the curriculum. The course numbers are always 4315 for undergraduate and 5315 for graduate level.

Can I complete my degree in four years?

Yes. All bachelor degrees in the department are 120 credit hours or four years. You can complete your degree by following the degree plan worked out for you by your advisor.