A blue hard hat with three red hard hats to the right of it. Hard hats are a staple of jobs in construction.

Employment Insights

According to Indeed.com, civil engineers and contractors make great income in Arkansas. Explore the menu below for more employment insights, job titles and other tools to help you advance your career.

Employers, read this article to learn how to hire one of our students.

Employment Insights

A 2021 survey  found that construction management graduates make over $30,000 annually. Of those surveyed, 38% claimed to make over $90,000 annually.

A graph of 2021 survey of Construction Management graduates showing 12% making $30,001+$50,000, 37% making $50,001 - $70,000, 13% making $70,001-$90,000 and 38% making more than $90,000

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