Students, faculty and Dr. Bray and Maximus posing in the new Clark Project Management Lab!

Program Enhancements

The Department of Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering is fortunate to have an active Industry Advisory Board. Aside from advising decisions made within the department, some organizations sponsor facility upgrades. Upcoming and current program enhancement projects include:

Completed program enhancement projects include:

Areas seeking sponsorship include:

  • BIM Crib $10,000
  • ETA 208 Classroom $30,000
  • ETAS 180 Classroom $30,000
  • ETAS 181 Classroom $30,000
  • Concrete Lab $30,000
  • Soils Lab $50,000
  • Student Success Center $50,000
  • Career Services Center $50,000
  • Senior Design Suite $50,000
  • Faculty Suite $50,000
  • Chair’s Suite $50,000
  • Drawings/Specs Lab $65,000

If your organization would like to sponsor a program enhancement project, contact Lloyd Webre for more information.

Program Enhancement Media: