Creative Writing

The English major offers the study of literature, language, and culture of the Anglophone world with an emphasis on British and American contexts.  Students master skills related to critical and creative thinking, communication, and research. Majors have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a number of contexts.  Students in the Creative Writing track additionally develop their creative potential through writing in a diverse range of genres and formats and learn about careers related to writing and publishing.
Requirements for the English major tracks may vary by student’s catalog year. Below are the general areas covered by our requirements. Be sure to confirm your catalog term with your English advisor for accurate information on major, minor, and core requirements. 
  • NOTE: Introduction to Creative Writing (ENGL 2336) is the pre-requisite for all other Creative Writing courses.
  • World Literature and Culture [required for some catalog years]
    • ENGL 2337 World Literature or ENGL 2339 Mythology
  • ENGL 3330 Approaches to Literature (3 hours)
    • Ideally, this course should be taken as early as possible in student’s career.
  • British Literature (6 hours)
    • Select from British Literature 1, British Literature 2, British Literature 3 (this depends on catalog year; consult advisor)
  • Study of Language (3 hours)
    • ENGL 3311 History of the English Language or
    • ENGL 3312 Grammar, Morphology and Syntax or
    • ENGL 3313 Introduction to Linguistics
  • American Literature (3 hours)
    • American Literature I (ENGL 3321), American Literature II (ENGL 3322), American Literature III (ENGL 3323)
  • 1 Essential Elements course on Fiction or Poetry (3 hours)
  • 1 Craft and Form Course on Fiction or Poetry (3 hours)
  • 2 additional 3000-4000 level Creative Writing courses (6 hours of electives)
  • One additional 3000-4000 level literature course that covers 20th-century literature (3 hours)
    • Consult advisor for options that count for this requirement each semester
  • 1 additional English elective course in literature/culture/language at the 3000-4000 level (2 hours)
  • Capstone Course
    • ENGL 4199 Career Perspectives (1 hour)

Second Language Study Requirement: Consult with advisor to discuss this requirement, including placement testing.