Laura Barrio-Vilar, PhD

(501) 569-3161
African American Literature, Caribbean Literature, U.S. Ethnic Literatures, Postcolonial Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies

Jeffrey Condran, MFA

(501) 569-3161
Creative Writing (Fiction), Contemporary Literature, Editing & Independent Press Administration

Paul Crutcher, PhD

(501) 569-3161
English Secondary Education, Empathy in culture, language and literacy (including TESOL), pop culture, children’s and YA literature, religious/secular ethics, and critical theory

Jeremy Scott Ecke, PhD

(501) 569-3475
Literary Linguistics, The History and Structure of English, Poetics, and Medieval Literature

H. K. Hummel, MFA

(501) 569-3161
Creative Writing (Poetry and Hybrid), Poetry Translation, Environmental Literature & Poetics, Editing & Publishing

Angela Hunter, PhD

(501) 569-3161
Literary Theory; Comparative literature; Feminist Philosophy; 18th-19th-century French literature, Psychoanalysis

James Levernier, PhD

(501) 569-3161
American Literature and American Studies

Kris McAbee, PhD

(501) 569-3161
Renaissance Literature, Digital Humanities, Feminist Cultural Studies

Brad Minnick, PhD

(501) 569-3161
Problem-Based Learning, Process and Playbuilding Dramawork, Technology as a Mediated Tool to Improve the Teaching of English, and Pedagogy of Fiction and Poetry Writing



Cynthia Beck, MA: ckbeck@ualr.edu

Ashley Heath, MA: axcollie@ualr.edu

C. Earl Ramsey, Ph.D.: ceramsey@ualr.edu