Equinox is a journal of contemporary literature and art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a forty-five-year history of showcasing literature, interviews, and art.

We are now accepting submissions from undergraduates nationwide. Equinox awards prizes for the best fiction, poetry, and art each year. Please visit our submissions page for more information. The submission deadline for all work is January 20th.

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Jeffrey Condran       Heather K. Hummel

Jeffrey Condran and Heather Hummel are the Faculty Advisors of Equinox.

Managing Editor Joy Reinbold is an English major with a creative writing minor and a Cooper Honors Program member at UA Little Rock.  She works part-time for the Main Library and plans on pursuing a career in Library Sciences to support her writing after graduation.  She’s thrilled to be interning with the Equinox for a second semester.  When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her hanging out with her 34 chickens, gardening with her husband, or otherwise enjoying Arkansas’ pleasant weather.


Tyler Payne Pic

Managing Editor Tyler Payne is a very unusual sort of person, though, hopefully, very likeable. He is an English major with an emphasis in creative writing. He is also a member of the Cooper Honors program and the vice president of UA Little Rock’s Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta. He has worked on Equinox for 2 years as treasurer, and this is his first year as Managing editor. He was born and raised in Mexico, the son of missionaries. Having no home culture, he seeks to create his own and finds acceptance in the society of other Missionary Kids and outcasts. He recently and rather devastatingly realized he was called to be a poet and is currently waiting to understand what that means. He also likes to debate with his brother, a speech communications major, on how to properly communicate ideas. 


MéChelle Jones is a Senior here at UA Little Rock. She has been out of school for the past five years and is now returning to complete her major in English and her minor in creative writing. MéChelle is the mother of a beautiful two-year-old little girl and a surrogate mother to her two-year-old daughter’s brother. She enjoys reading, writing, and editing. On the flip side, MéChelle enjoys to binge-watch the ID and hang out with friends, laughing, and enjoying life; in the rare moments, she is not enjoying life as a mother and a pet owner. Marlie is MéChelle’s eight-year-old Australian-Shepherd mix-breed dog who is just like her third “child”; or her “eldest son” as she likes to refer to him.  MéChelle hopes to learn a lot working with Equinox this semester!


Tracy Cook’s flexibility can be expressed on both sides of the Mississippi River. Tracy is pursuing a bachelor degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. He enjoys talking to people that he wouldn’t ordinarily talk to for the sake of learning something new. His writing consist of mostly scriptwriting and short stories, however, he has an interest in poetry. His goal of producing and publishing has driven him to intern at Equinox for a second semester.


Jenifer Tindle is a Senior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She is majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Creative Writing and Sociology. Jenifer enjoys the outdoors, music, interacting with diverse groups of people, and learning about new cultures. Being part of the Equinox team this semester allows her to gain a new perspective on writing and a chance to collaborate with an amazing group of students.


Kathryn ‘Kathy’ Bates is a business and finance post-baccalaureate student returning to the college realm to pursue a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Setting the world of accounting aside, she hopes to gain writing craft knowledge and work toward her goal of publishing short and novel-length stories. When she is not writing, getting lost in a book, or lost in her own thoughts, she enjoys watching Asian ‘dramas’ and volunteering/trooping with the Diamond Garrison, the Arkansas Chapter of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers.

Victoria Crockett is an English major with a Psychology minor. She is Vice President of the Ethics Bowl debate team and enjoys young adult fiction, poetry, and Doctor Who. In her free time, she can be found wondering why sparkling water never sparkles, if the plural of blouse is “blice”, and why we call them bald eagles if they’re never actually bald.


Chloe Moses is a senior a UA Little Rock and a rhetoric and writing major with a minor in creative writing.  This degree combination appealed to her because of her passion for writing. Nonfiction helped her write about the real world, but fiction helped her turn the real world into her own creative art. The courses have enhanced her ability to write poetry and deepened her love of writing, as well as giving her new ideas about creativity.

Andrea Lock is a graduate student studying English and Rhetoric & Writing in the MAIS program. When she is not writing or working on her graphic novel for her thesis, she is working on her illustrated poetry book. She is a cat lady, but she has equal love for pigs and all things literary. She has big dreams of becoming a hybrid writer and designer.


Madison Brown is a Junior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she is majoring in English with a minor in Linguistics and is a member of the William G. Cooper, Jr. Honors Program. Madison is also an intern for Braddock Avenue Books, an independent publishing company. Simply said, she is a lover of cats, coffee, and canonical literature.


Dwight Smith Jr. is an English major at UALR. He aspires to compose something creative and inspirational.  Dwight always credits his daughter, S. Angel Smith, for motivating him to pursue a degree in hopes of providing a better future for her.  She is the sunlight in his dark world.



Taylor Marsenburg is a senior graduating in December 2018.  She transferred to UALR from UCA in 2016. She is an English major with a creative writing minor. She loves to read and write. She works full-time at Ally Financial and has a part-time job as well. When she’s not working, she spends time with her family, who is her motivation.



Ryan Tackett is a Senior English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He’s non-traditional in academia (this is his twelfth semester as an undergrad) and in life. For a living, he has disassembled race car engines, interned as a paralegal, waited tables, administered medications, provided direct-care to senior citizens, farmed tomatoes and okra, shelved items at Wal-Mart, and flipped burgers for food trucks. He writes daily (mainly for himself) and runs daily (mainly to avoid life). As he read the fiction submissions for 2018’s Equinox Literary Journal, Ryan sought out pieces that felt angular, subversive, current, experimental, and genre-bending.


James Watts is a senior at UA Little Rock majoring in Web Design with a minor in English. He takes particular interest in the differences and similarities between the language humans use with each other and how they attempt to communicate with computers. When not busy with school, he spreads himself thin between time with his wife and two dogs, serving tacos, playing as a washed-up musician, owning short-term rentals and slowly remodelling their ancient home.


Lauren Medlock is a Senior English Literature major with a minor in creative writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She enjoys reading and writing poetry. Lauren is excited about graduating and pursuing a career in teaching and acting.





Should you be interested in joining us either as an intern or volunteer, we’d love to have you.  Please email us at equinox@ualr.edu for more information.