Bachelor of Arts in English

A degree in English offers the study of literature, language, and culture of the Anglophone world with an emphasis on British and American contexts. Courses emphasize active reading, clear writing, creative expression, and critical thinking. You will better understand the cultural, racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the English literary traditions.

Students majoring in English are required to have a minor. They may choose a minor offered by the English Department or a minor from another department. English majors may also choose an interdisciplinary minor option, which is an individually-designed area of concentration.

Emphasis Areas

The Bachelor of Arts in English includes three emphasis areas for students to choose from.

English Emphasis

This emphasis area focuses on the study of literature and culture and includes coursework in Mythology, Southern Literature, Visual Literacy, Film as Literature, Young Adult Literature, and Podcasting as well as traditional surveys in American and British Literature. Upper-level coursework examines individual authors such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton, as well as literary movements, periods, and collectives such as American Modernism, Black Protest Literature, and Environmental Literature. English Emphasis Curriculum

Creative Writing

Students in the Creative Writing track will develop their creative potential through writing in a diverse range of genres and formats. Students will learn about theories and practices that contribute to the production of well-crafted, innovative, and socially engaged creative writing, and will also learn about careers related to writing and publishing. We hope to inspire students to write skillfully crafted, creative works of their own. Creative Writing Curriculum

Secondary Education

The English program’s secondary education track prepares students as English Language Arts teachers in grades 7-12. Students will focus on the specific knowledge and practical training needed to be successful in the classroom or in a number of other education-related careers. The program’s strong connections with high schools throughout Central Arkansas and its dedicated hands-on training with class observations and teaching internships prepare students for careers in teaching, administration, and educational policy. Students in the Education Track must complete the Education Minor. English Secondary Education Curriculum