Paul A. Crutcher, Ph.D.

Paul A. Crutcher, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director of English Education

Educational Background

  • PhD, Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy, Michigan State University, 2013
  • MA, English Composition and Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Missouri, 2005
  • BA in Philosophy and Certificate in Writing, University of Missouri, 2002

Areas of Focus

Dr. Crutcher researches and teaches about empathy in culture, especially in K-12 and higher education, language and literacy (including TESOL), pop culture (e.g., TV, games, movies, comics), children’s and YA literature, religious/secular ethics, and critical theory (particularly gender, sexuality, and LBGTQ issues). His dissertation research is in the excellent “Empathy in Education: A Journey Through Xenophobic Pandas, Hollywood Trash, Confederate Sensibilities, and Mickey Mouse, Among Other Things.” He served in the Peace Corps in China (05-07), cofounded UALR’s Safe Zone program, and enthusiastically enjoys pizza and car culture.

Selected Conference Participation:

Chaired and presented “When pop goes wrong in our classrooms” at the Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association Annual Conference in Seattle WA USA (March 2016).

Chaired, presented, and won the “Best ArkPSA 2016 Faculty Paper Award” with Greg Shufeldt with “The ‘Nativ’ citizen: Political attitudes, outcomes, and state pride” at the Arkansas Political Science Association Annual Conference in Monticello AR USA (February 2016).

Chaired and presented “Visual literatures: Comics, illustrated novels, graphic novels, & miscellany” and presented “Lana Del Rey’s American grotesque” at the Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association Annual Conference in New Orleans LA USA (April 2015).

Presented, with Dr Autumn M Dodge, “Using ‘linked text sets’ examples to integrate LGBTQ perspectives in inclusive literacy classrooms” at the International Reading Association/International Literacy Association Annual Conference in St Louis MO USA (July 2015).

Presented “History in visual texts: Challenging stigma and addressing literacy and the CCSS objectives” at the American Reading Forum in Sanibel FL USA (December 2014).

Presented “‘This is not how they are'”: On writers, readers, and teachers and their perspectives on craft” at the Arkansas Philological Association Annual Conference in Little Rock AR USA (October 2014).

Presented “Magic: The Gathering as text, as literature, and as literacy tool” and, with Dr Kinko Ito, “Creating an interdisciplinary course on visual texts and addressing modern initiatives in K-12 and higher education” at the Popular Culture Association & American Culture Association Annual Conference in Chicago IL USA (April 2014).

Selected Publications:

Crutcher, P. A. & Naseem, S. (2016). Cheerleading and cynicism of effective mentoring in current empirical research. Educational Review 68(1), 40-55.

Crutcher, P. A. & Naseem, S. (2015, forthcoming). Cheerleading and cynicism of effective mentoring in current empirical research. Educational Review.

Dodge, A. M. & Crutcher, P. A. (2015). Inclusive classrooms for LGBTQ students: Using linked text sets to challenge the hegemonic “single story.” Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 59(1), 95-105. Recipient of the 2016 Virginia Hamilton Essay Award Honor Citation.

Ito, K. & Crutcher P. A. (2014). Hayao Miyazaki’s animation The Wind Rises (2013) and its implication for 21st century world peace. International Journal of Comic Art 16(2), 240-252.

Crutcher, P. A. & Dodge, A. M. (2014). A tramp abroad chronicles motivation, self-efficacy, and attempts to theorize culture and creativity. Intercultural Education 25(5), 349-361.

Ito, K. & Crutcher, P. A. (2014). Popular mass entertainment in Japan: Manga, pachinko, and cosplay. Society 51(1), 44-48.

Crutcher, P. A. (2011). The comic and graphic novel medium: Inquiry through bestselling Batman stories. Journal of Popular Culture 44(1), pp. 53-72.