Brad Minnick, PhD

Associate Professor

Office: 501-N Stabler Hall
Phone: 501-916-3161

Educational Background

M.Ed, 1993 University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., 2002 University of Pittsburgh

Areas of Focus

Secondary Education (Literature and Language), Problem-Based Learning, Process and Playbuilding Dramawork, Technology as a Mediated Tool to Improve the Teaching of English, and Pedagogy of Fiction and Poetry Writing

Arts & Letters (radio program on KUAR)
Dr. Minnick is the creator, writer, researcher, host, and executive producer of Arts & Letters: A 29/52 minute radio show that highlights the intellectual and creative work of the South. This show usually airs once per month to over 8,000 listeners and is available for download as a podcast on I-Tunes, NPR Podcasts, FM Radio and the KUAR’s Arts & Letters website.

Selected Publications

  • Minnick, J.B. and Smith, B. (2009). Program Report for the Preparation of English Language Arts Teachers National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).
  • Minnick, J.B. and Mergil, F. (2008). “The Doubling Moment:  Resurrecting Edgar Allan Poe.” Voices from the Middle. 16(2).
  • Minnick, J.B., & Augnst, J. (2007). “INSISTENT/RESISTANT: RE/VISITING THE I/SEARCH.” Blurring Boundaries Between Composition Studies and English Education: A Tribute To William L. Smith. Hampton Press, Inc., Cresskill, NJ.
  • Koziol, S.M, Jr., Minnick, J.B. & Riddell, K. (1999). Cases and clinical field experiences in secondary English education. In Mary Sudzina (Ed.), Case Study Applications for Teacher Education, Allyn & Bacon, Boston, MA


  • Minnick, J.B. (November 5, 2008). “The Doubling Moment: Resurrecting Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Annabel Lee.’” Demonstration of the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Little Rock, AR
  • Boudreaux, M., McWashington-Newsome, B., Stanley, P., Summers, D., and Sullivan, P. “Reading Strategies For the Successful Teacher.” Chair, C.E.E. Panel Session. (November 21, 2006). Nashville, TN
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  • Minnick,.J.B. (2005). “I-Search as a Mentoring Framework for Student Teachers.” Panel Session. National Conference of Teachers of English (NCTE), Fall Conference. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Minnick, J.B. & Barrientos, P. (2005). “If Your Are Really Serious About Teaching Writing: Come To This Seminar.” The Sun Conference for Teaching and Learning. El Paso, TX.