Career Planning and Links

Using Your English Degree:

What can you do with an English degree? Plenty! Skills possessed by English majors–the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, perform research, influence and persuade, write creatively, edit appropriately, present alternate viewpoints, and clarify ideas–are highly valued in many fields. Read more about the value of humanities majors in the workplace here and here.

Some English majors choose to teach in a K-12 setting (be sure to select our secondary ed track if that’s your goal); some take the GRE and go to graduate school in English, Creative Writing, or a sister field; some take the LSAT and apply to law school; others take the MCAT and apply to medical school. But if none of these options sound appealing, don’t worry: a wide range of career choices is open to you. Simply plan ahead to make yourself readily marketable. For example:

  • Choose your minor strategically (such as advertising/public relations, graphic design; information technology, linguistics, marketing, mass communication, technical writing, non-profit leadership studies, etc.) to boost the interest of potential employers in your chosen field:
  • Join local chapters of related professional organizations–many offer inexpensive student memberships and provide excellent networking opportunities;
  • Check out UA Little Rock Career Center 
  • Seek out internships to gain experience (some are available through the English Department for course credit); if no internships are available in your area of interest, see if you can volunteer in the industry or shadow a practitioner for a day;
  • Attend career preparation workshops across campus regarding job hunting, resumes, interview preparation, digital footprint, and the like. 
  • Create a portfolio of your written work if you’re aiming to work in a writing field.
  • Take your ENGL 4199 “Career Perspectives” course seriously and participate in as many optional activities as possible.

If you follow these suggestions, you should graduate with the foundation you need to go far in your chosen career. (For fun and inspiration, you might enjoy reading this list of famous English majors.)

Job Search Links

The links listed below lead to sites that may help you in your job search.