Secondary Education

Requirements for English majors may vary by student’s catalog year. Below are the general areas covered by our requirements for students in the Secondary Education track.

Be sure to confirm your catalog term with your English advisor for accurate information on major, minor, and core requirements.

  • World Literature and Culture
    • ENGL 2337 World Literature or ENGL 2339 Mythology
  • ENGL 3330 Approaches to Literature (3 hours)
    • Ideally, this course should be taken as early as possible in student’s career.
  • British Literature (6 hours)
    • Major British Writers 1 and Major British Writers 2; or
    • British Literature 1 or 2 AND British Literature 3 (this depends on student catalog year; consult advisor)
  • Study of Language (6 hours)
    • ENGL 3311 History of the English Language AND 
    • ENGL 3312 Grammar, Morphology and Syntax
  • American Literature (3 hours)
    • ENGL 3321 American Literature I or
    • ENGL 3322 American Literature II or
    • ENGL 3323 American Literature III
  • ENGL 3360 (When course topic is Advanced World Literature or World Literature Studies) (3 hours)
  • African-American Literature (3 hours)
    • ENGL 3326 African-American Literature I; or
    • ENGL 3327 African-American Literature II
  • ENGL 4202 Teaching Literature in the Secondary Schools (2 hours) and RHET 4202 Teaching Writing in the Secondary Schools (2 hours)
    • (ENGL 4202 and RHET 4202 are taught together but they must be signed up for separately)
  • RHET 3317 Introduction to Nonfiction (3 hours)
  • One of the following Adolescent Literature courses (3 hours)
    • ENGL 4375 Adolescent Literature
    • RHET 4347 (if Writing for Children and Families)
  • Two additional upper-level (3000-4000) ENGL courses (6 hours)
  • Capstone Course
    • ENGL 4199 Career Perspectives (1 hour)


Required Secondary Education Minor Courses (18 hours in Education)

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: To be accepted into and to complete the Secondary Education Minor, students must also pass appropriate Praxis exams. In order to receive state certification, students must pass state written and performance examinations.

Contact Dr. Paul Crutcher (, Director of English Secondary Education, for more information about this track.