Faculty and Staff

The School of Literary and Performing Arts houses the English Program in 501 Stabler Hall, the Theatre Arts Program in 130 Center for Performing Arts, and Music in the Fine Arts building.

School Administration

Kris McAbee, Co-Director, Associate Professor of English
Stacy Pendergraft, Co-Director, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
Vicki Plant, Administrative Assistant

Performing Arts Staff

Don Bolinger, Senior Research Associate, Costume Shop Manager
Gideon Brewer, Research Associate, Audio Technician
Leann Jones, Collaborative Pianist
Mike Stacks, Senior Research Associate, Lighting Director                                                            Robert Warner, Technical Director
Christa Williams, Visiting Artist, Dance

English Faculty

Laura Barrio-Vilar, Associate Professor
Jeffrey Condran, Associate Professor
Paul Crutcher, Associate Professor
Jeremy Scott Ecke, Associate Professor
H. K. Hummel, Associate Professor
Angela Hunter, Associate Professor
Brad Minnick, Associate Professor
Frank Thurmond, Visiting Instructor

Music Faculty

Justin Bunting, Assistant Professor                                                                                            Nickolas Doshier, Assistant Professor
Rolf Groesbeck, Professor
Naoki Hakutani, Associate Professor
Linda R. Holzer, University Professor
Lorissa Mason, Assistant Professor
Tom Richeson, Associate Professor
Michael Underwood, Instructor
Brad Birge, Adjunct Instructor
Kristina Buck, Adjunct Instructor
Mary Alice Chambers, Adjunct Instructor
Lisa Doss, Adjunct Instructor
Leann Jones, Adjunct Instructor
Meredith Maddox Hicks, Adjunct Instructor
Diane Kesling, Adjunct Instructor
Kate Sain, Adjunct Instructor

Theatre Arts Faculty

Karen Dauenhauer, Assistant Professor of Scenic Design                                                          Lawrence Smith, Associate Professor
Stephanie Thibeault, Visiting Assistant Professor
Don Bolinger, Adjunct Instructor
Rivka Kuperman, Adjunct Instructor
Mike Stacks, Adjunct Instructor