Parents at Discover UA Little Rock


What Parents Want to Know:

  • Campus safety is our Number 1 priority.
    • We provide restricted card access to entrances, controlled access parking, live-in trained staff, surveillance cameras in and around the halls, and campus police patrolling 24 hours a day.
  • Academic success is essential.
    • Studies show that students who live on campus tend to earn higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate on time.
  • We are a community.
    • Residential and campus involvement offers the opportunity to find a niche, make new friends, and be a positive leader.
  • We have what students need.
    • In addition to the convenience of residing near classes, the library, and on-campus all residential students participate in the
      UA Little Rock dining experience.

Student Health 101:

As a service to our​ students, we are providing them with an online subscription to Student Health 101, a monthly web-based health and wellness magazine that contains valuable information to help them make better decisions and gain understanding of the health and wellness challenges facing today’s college students.

You can read the current issue online at .

(For the mobile link, go to

​We hope you will encourage your student to stay healthy!​

What Parents Need to Know About the Risk of BACTERIAL MENINGITIS:

College students, particularly those who live in residence halls are at increased risk for Meningococcal disease, which is a serious bacterial illness spread through the air via respiratory secretions or close contact with an infected person. Meningococcal disease is rare but can be fatal, or lead to severe and permanent disabilities, such as hearing loss, brain damage, seizures, and limb loss. Symptoms often resemble the flu and can include high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, rash, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, and confusion. A safe vaccine is available that can significantly reduce the risk of this potentially deadly or debilitating disease.

The American College Health Association ( and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( recommend that all first-year students living in residence halls get immunized.

For more information, contact your local Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) Clinic. They offer the vaccine for students 18 years of age and younger for $5.00. UA Little Rock Health Services and private physicians also make the vaccine available.