Disability Accommodations

Accommodating Disability Housing Requests

UA Little Rock Student Housing is committed to the goal of achieving equal educational opportunity and full participation for students with disabilities and chronic health conditions. To this end, some rooms feature roll in or transfer showers, grab bars, visual alarms, and door buzzers. Braille signage, door levers, and designated wheel chair accessible routes are standard.

Students with a disability or medical condition who wish to live on campus and plan to pursue accommodations are encouraged to initiate the process as soon as possible. Some accommodations can take time to arrange and University Housing may receive multiple requests which can affect the allocation of resources.

Process for Requesting a Housing Accommodation:

  1. When a student is filling out a housing application, step 2 of the application indicates an intention to request a housing accommodation. Submission and completion of the Housing application, with application fee and prepayment, is needed to review accommodation request as soon as possible.
  2. Applicant needs to contact the Disability Resource Center at 501-916-3143 to schedule an appointment or visit them in Donaghey Student Center, Room 103. During the interview, documentation will be discussed and accommodations agreed upon.
  3. The DRC will recommend the appropriate accommodation to the housing office.
  4. The Campus Living Office will monitor all housing applications for accommodation requests to facilitate the need for the accommodation. The student, the DRC staff and the housing representative will work together to achieve the desired accommodation or possible alternatives.

Accommodation Request Details

Housing Application Deadline

Housing applications are accepted year round – there is no deadline. Assignments are prioritized based on the date the completed application and required deposit are received by the housing office. It is important to submit the housing application as early as possible.


To schedule a campus tour which includes Campus Living, contact Admissions.

Private Rooms

Living within a residential community and learning to share space with a roommate is considered by Campus Living as an integral component of the overall educational campus experience. Requests for a private room (as an accommodation) based solely on a desire to have a “quiet, undisturbed place to study” will be granted only in unusual circumstances. By virtue of the shared facilities, resources, and number of people living under one roof, it is not reasonable to assume that having a private room would provide for such a quiet, distraction-free space to any appreciable degree beyond living in a standard double room. There are limited private rooms in East Hall.

Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma

The residence halls at UA Little Rock are heated and cooled by a central ventilation system. Therefore, airborne particles are filtered and absorbed throughout the system. Students who are sensitive to dust, mold, household cleaners, perfumes, hair sprays, and other allergens may want to bring hypoallergenic bedding, a personal air filter, and products used in your own home that you are used to. We also suggest a discussion among roommates regarding specific air quality issues. Ultimately, because of the nature of community living, no guarantees can be made regarding the need for a sterile environment.

Service Animals

Service animals will be permitted in University Housing. The student is responsible for the animal’s care, including clean-up. Any damage caused by the animal will be billed to the student. Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

Emotional Support Animals

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a companion animal which provides therapeutic benefit, such as alleviating or mitigating some symptoms of the disability, to an individual with a mental or psychiatric disability. Emotional support animals are typically dogs and cats, but may include other animals.

To request an emotional support animal, please fill out the request form.

Personal Care Attendants

Non-student attendants hired by disabled students are subject to a criminal background check and will be required to sign a code of conduct. The attendant will be granted access to the living space as well as parking based on the student’s request.

Evacuation Procedures

Residents needing assistance with evacuation during an emergency should notify their Resident Assistant (RA) at the beginning of the semester. The RA will then inform the housing staff as well as the Department of Public Safety.

Cancellation Deadlines

Fall resident housing cancellation deadline is July 1. Spring deadline is the first Friday in December. Cancellations submitted after the due date are subject to a termination fee as outlined in the Campus Living lease. However, it is still important to cancel to avoid housing changes being applied to your student account.

For other questions, email the UA Little Rock Office of Campus Living at campusliving@ualr.edu or call 501-916-3743.