General Management

Students choosing the general management emphasis in the management major will develop conceptual skills and practical problem-solving techniques that apply to management and will be educated in management fundamentals and methods applicable to decision making.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of organizational behavior in public and private enterprises and consideration of the public interest in making management decisions.


General Management Educational Goals

General Management Educational Goals

  • Understand and integrate appropriate strategic management concepts in the design and implementation of a corporate/business strategy.  This objective includes defining the organization’s purpose/mission, setting objectives, determining opportunities and threats, monitoring competitors, crafting appropriate strategic actions, implementing appropriate structural and support systems, and providing strategic leadership.
  • Understand the principles of planning, directing, and controlling the human resource management function and the components of a comprehensive human resource program involving the recruitment, development, evaluation, compensation, and motivation of an identified workforce.
  • Understand the concepts underlying effective interpersonal relations and group/team leadership skills and be able to model the roles involved in making assignments, empowering, praising, coaching, evaluating, disciplining, decision making, and resolving conflict.
  • Understand the principles of managing small businesses including management, marketing, finance, accounting, research, and development, and administration.

General Management degree checklist 

General Management Emphasis Requirements:

General Management Emphasis

  • MGMT 3320 Human Resources Management
  • MGMT 3340 Applied Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 3362 Small Business Management
  • MGMT 4377 International Business Management

Six courses (18 hours) from the following:

  • BINS 4331 Management of Info Resources
  • IBUS 4316 Field Study in International Business
  • MGMT 3306 Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • MGMT 3364 Family Business Management
  • MGMT 4304 Productions/Operations Management II
  • MGMT 4341 Labor and Industrial Relations
  • MGMT 4360 Compensation Management
  • MGMT 4361 New Venture Creation
  • MGMT 4365 Business Consulting
  • MGMT 4375 Sustainable Business
  • MGMT 4378 Global Operations Management
  • MGMT 4383 Issues in Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 4385 Special Topics in Management
  • MGMT 4391 Employment Law
  • MGMT 4395 Applications in Human Resource Management
  • ACOM 3323 Conflict Management

Understanding the Business Core.

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