Trojan Warrior Games

The goal of this event is to create an obstacle course that anyone can participate in. We hope this experience will allow campus military students to become actively engaged with the campus.

The Military Student Success Center and the Students Affected by Military (SAM) group will be the primary host of the event as well as the Arkansas Guard Officer Leadership Development program (Officer Candidate School-G.O.L.D.) will be running the event. Once approved, we will create a contact list for any sponsorship assistance.

All funds raised will provide scholarships for military students on campus and the food donated will be given to the Trojan Food Pantry.


The purpose of this 4.5 mile obstacle course is to create an competitive activity that anyone can participate in. We hope this experience will allow UA Little Rock military students to become actively engaged with the campus and the community.


Each participant/team will be responsible for entry fee ($20) individual and ($85) 5-person team. All participants will be required to have a 20-pounds of weight or dry/canned food in a backpack for donation after the event.


Fees we collect will provide military scholarships and food will be given to the Trojan Food Pantry. Our hope is to make this an annual event to assist military students and veterans in their pursuit of higher education and integration back into the community.


  1.  Modified-Murph: Everyone will start at the Intramural fields, we will be conducting a modified Murph*. Each individual will complete the following: 160 meter run, 40 push ups, 60 squats, 100 jumping jacks, and another 160 meter run. Which will lead straight into the beginning of the Military Forced Road March. Participants will travel north along the Trail of Tears and ruck the length of the trail.  The turn around point will be located at the end of the trail and participants will then travel south until they arrive at the Donaghey Student Center.
      *Michael Patrick Murphy was a United States Navy SEAL officer who was awarded the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions during the War in Afghanistan.
  2. Donaghey Water Crossing: Participants will drop their packs to traverse across a single rope over the length of the pool (hand over hand or hands and feet method). After the groups have finished this event, they’ll take their packs and Ruck to the third event at Stabler Hall.
  3.  Slopes of Stabler: There will be 4 litters at a time going up and down the ramps of Stabler. The teams of five will interchange personnel as the move to the top (7th floor) and traverse the descent. Individual participants will carry kettle bells in place of the litters. Once completed, they will then proceed to the Greg L. Hatcher Wrestling Center for the next event.
  4.  Hatcher Ropes: All participants will be required to climb the length of the rope and back down. The final Ruck will begin the wrestling gym and end at the warrior wall.
  5.  Warrior Wall:  A slanted wall 10 ft. wall that teams must work together to complete. Next, all members will travel back to Donaghey Student Center for the 100-meter swim.
  6.  Survival Swim: The last event will be a 100-meter swim. After the last event, all times for all events will be tallied to determine the winners.


Participant Categories:
  1. Military/Athletic (those accustomed to strenuous activities)
  2. High School  (juniors and seniors)
  3. Beginner (any one wishing to participate)

Participants and predesignated teams will have staggered start times.

2020 UA Little Rock TWG Hold Harmless Agreement

Payments at this time can only be mailed or dropped off until we have a link for our payment website.

Payment address:

UA Little Rock
Office of Military Student Success
Speech Building, Room 111
2801 S University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72204

Please include team name, team members/individual’s name, category they wish to participate in, and the phone numbers of all the group members along with payment.


Please contact:

Josh Keyes (President of S.A.M.)

Sean Lewis (V.P. of S.A.M) 

David Morris (O.C.S GOLD Instructor)