VA Work Study Program

We are currently not accepting any applications for the VA Work Study program at this time. Please check in at another time.

What is the VA Work Study program?

The VA Work Study program is available for anyone using VA education benefits who are enrolled in at least 3/4 time. Once accepted as a work study, the student will make the state’s minimum wage, tax-free, for the donation of their time. The different duties and responsibilities for the Military Student Success Center are below.

There are other VA Work Study approved locations around Arkansas, if you are not hired for a position with the Military Student Success Center.

A VA Work Study at the Military Student Success Office

The different positions a work study will serve as include:

MSSC Attendants:

Responsible for overseeing the MSSC. Ensure all rooms are kept clean and all inventory is accounted for. Assist students with their needs in the computer room, lounge, and kitchen area. Provide lunch relief to person working the front desk.

Front Desk/Reception:

Assist MSSC Staff by taking phone calls, answering general questions, referring students to resources in the MSSC, and making appointments for students to meet with Director and Assistant Director. Must become familiar with all Chapters of the VA Education Benefits and the UA Little Rock process to use the benefits. Use the material and websites provided to answer question as accurately as possible.


Responsible for Office outreach and communication to ensure that the campus community is aware of the MSSC and what the Office does. Provides outreach to check on students via phone/email. Assists with Office special events. All VA Work Studies are expected to participate in any event hosted by or for the Military Student Success Center.

Newsletter/Social Media:

Responsible for newsletter content, updating social media, maintaining office calendar of events and other web based duties.

How to Apply?

First, you must be enrolled in courses for the semester. Second, you must have submitted your Certification Request Form for the semester.

To apply you will need to download and fill out the VA Form 22-8691, Application for Work Study Allowance, and complete the questionnaire. You will attach the VA Form 22-8691 in the questionnaire form.

The Military Student Success Center Staff will review your application. If we believe you are the right fit for the Center, we will email your UA Little Rock email to set up an interview. Please understand that at times the positions may be full, and we will not be accepting applications.

Steps for Applying

  1. Download and fill out VA Form 22-8691, Application for Work Study Allowance
  2. Fill out the Work Study Questionnaire. Do not forget to submit the VA Form 22-8691 in the Questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please contact the Military Student Success Office at 501-916-3387 or