External Scholarships for Military and their Dependents

Scholarship Title Eligibility Amount Special Conditions
(X indicates who is eligible for the scholarships)
Veterans/Active Duty Spouse Dependent
37th Division Veterans Association X X Varies
Air Force Aid Society Scholarships X $2,000 Need-based
Air Force Association Scholarship X X X Varies Website is home to several scholarships
Air Force ROTC Depends
Air Force ROTC Enlisted Scholarship Depends
Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Depends
Air Force Sergeants Association X $1,000 Must meet certain requirements. Applications for upcoming school year are available between Nov 1-Mar 31
Airmen Memorial Foundation Scholarship X $1000-$2000 Dependents of enlisted personnel
Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship X X X Varies Applicant must be a member and check with local chapter for information
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship X X X $5,000 Accounting majors
American Legion Auxiliary: Children of Warriors National Presidents Scholarship X $2500-$3500 American Legion Auxiliary dependents (includes grandchildren)
American Legion Auxiliary: Non Traditional Student  X $2,000 American Legion Auxiliary members and dependents
American Legion Legacy Scholarship X Varies Parent must have died in the line of duty. Award is based on income.
American Society of Naval Engineers Scholarship Programs X X X $3,000 Must be in final year or one year graduate of Engineering or Physical Science degree.
AMVETS Scholarship Program X X $1000-$4000 Academic excellence and financial need.
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Education Foundation (AFCEA) X X X Varies Science Major and must be in ROTC, Graduate school, or other educational institution
AFCEA Education Foundation: General Emmett Paige Scholarship X X X $2,000 Spouse or dependent must be in 2nd year to apply; service member can be Freshman to apply
AFCEA Military Personnel Scholarships X X Varies Field of study in Electronics, Aerospace, Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology, or Information Technology Security
Arkansas Military Dependents Scholarship X X Varies Students seeking a bachelor’s degree or certificate of completion at any public college, university or technical school in Arkansas who qualify as a spouse or dependent child* of an Arkansas resident who has been declared to be missing in action, killed in action, a prisoner of war, or killed on ordnance delivery, or a veteran who has been declared to be 100% totally and permanently disabled during, or as a result of, active military service.
Arkansas Service Memorial Scholarship Endowment X $2,500 Children of Arkansans who lost their life in service in the state, nation, or community
Army Emergency Relief: MG James Ursano Scholarship X Limited Based on financial need, academic excellence, and leadership/achievements
Army Emergency Relief Stateside Education Assistance Program X Varies Need-based
Army Scholarship Foundation X $500-$2000 Yearly; must reapply every year
Army Women’s Foundation Scholarship X X $1000-$2500 Available for female service members and their children
AT&T War Memorial Scholarship Fund X $2,500 Arkansas veterans enrolling full-time at an accredited two or four year college or university in the State of Arkansas
AVScholars.com Pay for College X X X Varies
Blinded Veterans Association, Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship X X Varies Child or spouse of legally blind veteran
Captain Caliendo College Assistance Fund X Varies Pay grade of E-6 or below
Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force Scholarship Program X Varies Dependents of active duty or retired
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance X X X Varies
Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarships X X X $4000-$20000 Competitive
Daughters of the Cincinnati Scholarship X Varies Must be a daughter of Commissioned Officer
Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship X $3,000 One time award
Expectational Financial Need Scholarship program for Disadvantaged Students X X X $100-$4000 Student must have financial need and be seeking degree in Medicine
Fleet Reserve Association Scholarship (Member) X X Varies Must be a member of FRA
Fleet Reserve Association Scholarship (Non Member) X X Varies
Fleet Reserve Association Scholarship X X Varies Must show financial need, academic excellence, and leadership
Fort Meade Officers’ Spouses’ Club X Varies Spouse of service member stationed or assigned to Fort Meade
Fraternal Order UDT/SEAL Education Grant X Varies
Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund X Varies Child of soldier that died in line of duty, 100% disabled, or considered POW/MIA
Future Use Scholarship X Varies Apply between birth-11th grade. See website for more information
Gamewardens of Vietnam Association Scholarship Fund X Varies Child of member who served with Navy River Patrol Force
Go Army Ed X Depends Army active duty only
Harry S. Truman Scholarship X X X $30,000 School must nominate student
Hispanic College Fund Scholarship X X X Varies Requirements vary
Home Front America Inc. American Patriot Freedom Scholarship X X X Varies
Immediate Use Scholarship X X Varies See website for more information
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship X X X $6,000 Must show academic merit, leadership, and community service
Joseph A. McAlinden Divers Scholarship X $500-$2500 For Navy or Marine Corps dependents and have 2.0 GPA or higher
Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association X Varies For children association members only
Little Rock Spouses’ Club College Scholarship X X Varies Student must be a dependent of an active duty member, guard member, reserve member, or retiree, currently stationed at or residing at Little Rock Air Force Base or within a 30-mile radius.
Marianas Naval Officers’ Wives’ Club Scholarship X X Varies Children/Spouse of Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation X up to $30000 Must reapply each year
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation $7,500 Particular attention is given to students who have lost a parent or had a parent wounded in the line of duty
Marine Corps Tankers Association Eligibility X $2,000 Child, grandchild, or under guardianship of Marine Corps Tanker. Sponsor must also be a member or join MCTA
Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund X Varies Have to be a member
Military Order of the Purple Heart X X Varies
MyCAA X Up to $4000 Tuition assistance for eligible military spouses.
NACME Scholarships X X X $20,000 Engineering scholarship
National Association of Black Journalists X X X $2,500 Must be Journalist, Photography, Radio or Television major
National Military Family Association Scholarship X Varies Can go towards Undergraduate or Graduate degree
National Military Family Association/Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program X $500-$1000 Spouse of active duty, reserve, National Guard, retiree, or survivors
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution X Depends
NCAA Scholarship X $3000-$12500 Sports or sport related studies (Sports Journalism)
Non Commissioned Officers Association X X Varies Children must be under 25 years old
NSBE Scholarships X X X $1500-$3000 Engineering majors
Re-apply Scholarship X Varies
Ron Brown Scholarship X Varies Highly competitive
San Diego Naval Officers’ Wives Club Scholarship X X Varies Must have served tour in San Diego since 1985
Scholarships for Military Children X $1,500 Must be under 23 and have a 3.0 GPA
Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy/Centennial Program Scholarship X $3,000 Iraq-Afghanistan combat wounded veteran who has an Associates degree and is pursuing a Bachelors in Education
Society of Women Engineer Scholarships X X X $200-$5000 Women majoring in Engineering or Computer Science
Special Operations Warrior Foundation X Varies For children of Special Operations personnel who were killed in an operational mission or training accident
Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship X X X Max $30,000 For Veteran or Fry Scholar enrolled in a STEM degree program who has completed at least 60 semester credit hours.
Veterans or Fry Scholars who have earned a STEM degree who are now seeking a teaching certification.
ThanksUSA Scholarships X X $3,000 Students completing Certificate program or Masters program are not eligible
That Others May Live Scholarship X Varies For children whose USAF parents or guardians were lost in a personnel recovery mission, training or other personnel recovery collateral mission
The Mike Nash Scholarship Fund X Varies Vietnam Veterans, dependents, grandchildren, orphans, or widows
Tillman Military Scholars X X X $11,000 Scholarship can go towards books, room/board, or child care
Transition Application X Varies See website for more information
United Negro College Fund Scholarships X X X Varies
VA Mortgage Center/Military Education Scholarship X X X $1,500 To students with personal or familial military ties
Veterans United Foundation Scholarship X X X $2,000 GPA of 2.5 or higher
VFW Military Family Scholarship X $3,000 VFW members who are currently serving or have been discharged within the last 36 months
VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program X $1000-$25000 For 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders
Women in Defense Horizons Scholarship Foundation X Varies Junior year or higher and pursuing a degree in National Security