External Scholarships for Military and their Dependents

Scholarship Title Eligibility
X indicates who is eligible for the scholarships)
Amount Special Conditions
Veterans/Active Duty Spouse Dependent
37th Division Veterans Association X X Varies
Air Force Aid Society Scholarships X $2,000 Need-based
Air Force Association Scholarship X X X Varies Website is home to several scholarships
Air Force ROTC Depends
Air Force ROTC Enlisted Scholarship Depends
Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Depends
Air Force Sergeants Association X $1,000 Must meet certain requirements. Applications for upcoming school year are available between Nov 1-Mar 31
Airmen Memorial Foundation Scholarship X $1000-$2000 Dependents of enlisted personnel
Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship X X X Varies Applicant must be a member and check with local chapter for information
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship X X X $5,000 Accounting majors
American Legion Auxiliary: Children of Warriors National Presidents Scholarship X $2500-$3500 American Legion Auxiliary dependents (includes grandchildren)
American Legion Auxiliary: Non Traditional Student  X $2,000 American Legion Auxiliary members and dependents
American Legion Legacy Scholarship X Varies Parent must have died in the line of duty. Award is based on income.
American Society of Naval Engineers Scholarship Programs X X X $3,000 Must be in final year or one year graduate of Engineering or Physical Science degree.
AMVETS Scholarship Program X X $1000-$4000 Academic excellence and financial need.
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Education Foundation (AFCEA) X X X Varies Science Major and must be in ROTC, Graduate school, or other educational institution
AFCEA Education Foundation: General Emmett Paige Scholarship X X X $2,000 Spouse or dependent must be in 2nd year to apply; service member can be Freshman to apply
AFCEA Military Personnel Scholarships X X Varies Field of study in Electronics, Aerospace, Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology, or Information Technology Security
Arkansas Military Dependents Scholarship X X Varies Students seeking a bachelor’s degree or certificate of completion at any public college, university or technical school in Arkansas who qualify as a spouse or dependent child* of an Arkansas resident who has been declared to be missing in action, killed in action, a prisoner of war, or killed on ordnance delivery, or a veteran who has been declared to be 100% totally and permanently disabled during, or as a result of, active military service.
Arkansas Service Memorial Scholarship Endowment X $2,500 Children of Arkansans who lost their life in service in the state, nation, or community
Army Emergency Relief: MG James Ursano Scholarship X Limited Based on financial need, academic excellence, and leadership/achievements
Army Emergency Relief Stateside Education Assistance Program X Varies Need-based
Army Scholarship Foundation X $500-$2000 Yearly; must reapply every year
Army Women’s Foundation Scholarship X X $1000-$2500 Available for female service members and their children
AT&T War Memorial Scholarship Fund X $2,500 Arkansas veterans enrolling full-time at an accredited two or four year college or university in the State of Arkansas
AVScholars.com Pay for College X X X Varies
Blinded Veterans Association, Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship X X Varies Child or spouse of legally blind veteran
Captain Caliendo College Assistance Fund X Varies Pay grade of E-6 or below
Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force Scholarship Program X Varies Dependents of active duty or retired
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance X X X Varies
Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarships X X X $4000-$20000 Competitive
Daughters of the Cincinnati Scholarship X Varies Must be a daughter of Commissioned Officer
Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship X $3,000 One time award
Expectational Financial Need Scholarship program for Disadvantaged Students X X X $100-$4000 Student must have financial need and be seeking degree in Medicine
Fleet Reserve Association Scholarship (Member) X X Varies Must be a member of FRA
Fleet Reserve Association Scholarship (Non Member) X X Varies
Fleet Reserve Association Scholarship X X Varies Must show financial need, academic excellence, and leadership
Fort Meade Officers’ Spouses’ Club X Varies Spouse of service member stationed or assigned to Fort Meade
Fraternal Order UDT/SEAL Education Grant X Varies
Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund X Varies Child of soldier that died in line of duty, 100% disabled, or considered POW/MIA
Future Use Scholarship X Varies Apply between birth-11th grade. See website for more information
Gamewardens of Vietnam Association Scholarship Fund X Varies Child of member who served with Navy River Patrol Force
Harry S. Truman Scholarship X X X $30,000 School must nominate student
Hispanic College Fund Scholarship X X X Varies Requirements vary
Home Front America Inc. American Patriot Freedom Scholarship X X X Varies
Immediate Use Scholarship X X Varies See website for more information
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship X X X $6,000 Must show academic merit, leadership, and community service
Joseph A. McAlinden Divers Scholarship X $500-$2500 For Navy or Marine Corps dependents and have 2.0 GPA or higher
Military Dependents Scholarship Program


X X Varies MDS provides a waiver of tuition, fees, room and board at any public or private college, university, or technical institute in Arkansas for dependents and spouses of Arkansans who were killed or missing in action or who were prisoners of war or who are totally and permanently disabled.
Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association X Varies For children association members only
Little Rock Spouses’ Club College Scholarship X X Varies Student must be a dependent of an active duty member, guard member, reserve member, or retiree, currently stationed at or residing at Little Rock Air Force Base or within a 30-mile radius.
Marianas Naval Officers’ Wives’ Club Scholarship X X Varies Children/Spouse of Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation X up to $30000 Must reapply each year
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation $7,500 Particular attention is given to students who have lost a parent or had a parent wounded in the line of duty
Marine Corps Tankers Association Eligibility X $2,000 Child, grandchild, or under guardianship of Marine Corps Tanker. Sponsor must also be a member or join MCTA
Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund


X Varies Have to be a member
Military Order of the Purple Heart X X Varies
MyCAA X Up to $4000 Tuition assistance for eligible military spouses.
NACME Scholarships X X X $20,000 Engineering scholarship
National Association of Black Journalists X X X $2,500 Must be Journalist, Photography, Radio or Television major
National Military Family Association Scholarship X Varies Can go towards Undergraduate or Graduate degree
National Military Family Association/Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program X $500-$1000 Spouse of active duty, reserve, National Guard, retiree, or survivors
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution X Depends
NCAA Scholarship X $3000-$12500 Sports or sport related studies (Sports Journalism)
Non Commissioned Officers Association X X Varies Children must be under 25 years old
NSBE Scholarships X X X $1500-$3000 Engineering majors
Re-apply Scholarship X Varies
Ron Brown Scholarship X Varies Highly competitive
San Diego Naval Officers’ Wives Club Scholarship X X Varies Must have served tour in San Diego since 1985
Scholarships for Military Children X $1,500 Must be under 23 and have a 3.0 GPA
Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy/Centennial Program Scholarship X $3,000 Iraq-Afghanistan combat wounded veteran who has an Associates degree and is pursuing a Bachelors in Education
Society of Women Engineer Scholarships X X X $200-$5000 Women majoring in Engineering or Computer Science
Special Operations Warrior Foundation X Varies For children of Special Operations personnel who were killed in an operational mission or training accident
Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship X X X Max $30,000 For Veteran or Fry Scholar enrolled in a STEM degree program who has completed at least 60 semester credit hours.
Veterans or Fry Scholars who have earned a STEM degree who are now seeking a teaching certification.
ThanksUSA Scholarships X X $3,000 Students completing Certificate program or Masters program are not eligible
That Others May Live Scholarship X Varies For children whose USAF parents or guardians were lost in a personnel recovery mission, training or other personnel recovery collateral mission
The Mike Nash Scholarship Fund X Varies Vietnam Veterans, dependents, grandchildren, orphans, or widows
Tillman Military Scholars X X X $11,000 Scholarship can go towards books, room/board, or child care
Transition Application X Varies See website for more information
United Negro College Fund Scholarships X X X Varies
VA Mortgage Center/Military Education Scholarship X X X $1,500 To students with personal or familial military ties
Veterans United Foundation Scholarship X X X $2,000 GPA of 2.5 or higher
VFW Military Family Scholarship X $3,000 VFW members who are currently serving or have been discharged within the last 36 months
VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program X $1000-$25000 For 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders
Women in Defense Horizons Scholarship Foundation X Varies Junior year or higher and pursuing a degree in National Security