UALR Veteran Student Mentor/Mentee Program

VSS JourneyBeginning in Fall 2016, UALR Students Affected by the Military (SAM) will start the “No SAM Left Behind” initiative, which is designed to provide the opportunity to link Veteran students with a mentor.

While serving, Veterans understand the concept of when someone has “Got Your Six.” For many, going back to college is a new and frightening experience. The skills that were honed for the battlefield aren’t clearly linked to those that are needed in the classroom.

Mentors will have your six and make sure you are not left behind or lost in the shuffle.

No SAM Left Behind

The No SAM Left Behind Program will foster a supportive environment at UALR and will link incoming veteran students with a successful role model/mentor.

Why Mentoring Matters?

Mentoring is an opportunity to give back to a Veteran student who has just started on their educational journey when you have already found your path.

The benefits of a mentoring program are many. Studies have shown that mentees will

  • Increase in academic performance
  • Develop “master student” skills
  • Develop identity
  • Reduce stress and confusion
  • Improve satisfaction with experience at UALR

Why Mentoring Matters to the Mentor?

Not only does mentoring provide benefits to the mentee, it is also valuable for the mentor. Personal satisfaction of paying it forward along with a sense of fulfillment are just a couple of the positive benefits of being a mentor.

Goals and Expectations:

  • Provide a support system to help ease the transition from “boots to books” for incoming UALR Veteran students.
  • Assist Veteran students’ growth as a student.
  • Help achieve academic and professional goals.
  • Encourage Veteran students to connect outside the classroom.
  • Improve Veteran student academic success, retention, graduation rates, and ultimately success in their chosen profession.

Who can be a mentor?

UALR staff and faculty members who are Veterans and Veteran students (beyond freshman year).

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Who can be a mentee?

All UALR Veteran students.

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