Proposal Submission


The following are ORSP’s guidelines and requirements for proposal submission.

Note: before submitting your proposal to ORSP, be sure to the review and follow the Proposal Preparation guidelines.


ORSP requests that all proposals and agreements be submitted to our office at least five (5) business days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline to allow for the required review and institutional approval.

Policy: Requirement to Submit Proposals and to Receive Awards for Grants and Contracts through the University.


Required Documents

The following documents must be completed and submitted to ORSP in order to process a proposal submission. The proposal documents can be hand delivered to ORSP or emailed to Sharon Kaufman at

  1. Proposal Authorization Request form*
  2. Detailed budget**
  3. Budget justification
  4. Scope of work or project narrative
  5. Sponsor guidelines/RFP
  6. All sponsor-required proposal documents
  7. Protocol approval statements (if applicable)
  8. PI conflict of interest statement (if applicable)

ORSP Proposal Submission Process

After you submit your proposal to ORSP, our office will review it, request any necessary information or revisions from you, and obtain the remaining institutional signatures. We will then submit the complete proposal to the sponsor.

*Proposal Authorization Request form
Proposal Authorization Request

The PAR is a fillable PDF document equipped with drop-down menus to assist in its completion. This form should accompany all proposal submissions to ORSP.

**Detailed Budget Forms
UA Little Rock detail budget for 5 year period
UA Little Rock detail budget for 5 year period with cost share

The Detailed Budget forms are created to assist in budget development.