Award Setup


If you are awarded extramural funding, you will work with ORSP to set up and manage the funds.

Please note: this page is not a comprehensive list of all award setup policies, requirements, and processes. If you have questions about the setup of your award that are not addressed here, please contact your grants and contracts officer.

Policies and Processes

After you receive electronic or written notification of your award, you must contact ORSP prior to beginning your project. ORSP will ensure that all awards and compliance issues have been addressed. We will then set up your account so that you can begin your project.

When an award is made, it must be approved and accepted by ORSP. Principal investigators and other UALR employees do not have the authority to approve or accept extramural funding on behalf of the university; this process can only be completed by ORSP and, depending on the award, the vice chancellor for finance and administration or the chancellor.


ORSP may require you to submit one or more of the following forms to complete the award setup process. For a complete list of of ORSP forms, please visit the Forms page.

ORSP Contacts

If you have questions about or issues with the award setup process, please contact an ORSP grants and contracts officer.

Gayle Lenard, BS
Associate Director

Leia Peek, CPA
Grants and Contracts Specialist

Kristen Dickson, MBA
Grants and Contracts Coordinator