Award Management


As your sponsored project progresses, you will work with ORSP to manage your awarded funding, make any budget modifications, and meet all institutional and sponsor requirements.

Please note: this page is not a comprehensive list of all award management policies, requirements, and processes. If you have questions about managing your award that are not addressed here, please contact your grants and contracts officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I spend my grant money any way I want?
Sponsored funds are subject to UALR purchasing restrictions, and they may be subject to additional specific federal, state, or agency restrictions. Always check with your Grants Manager and the Purchasing Office before spending grant money to make sure that you can be reimbursed for your purchases.

What is Research Compliance and why is it important?
Federal regulations require institutions to review and approve research projects using human participants, animals, bio agents, etc. prior to accepting an award. Also, other issues such as potential conflicts of interest, export control issues, and effort commitments need to be reviewed and addressed.

Policies and Processes

Effort Certification
All employees paid through federal grants, Principal Investigators, and Unit Administrators are required to attend a training session on Effort Certification. Each individual is only required to attend one session. Graduate assistants are not required to certify an effort report. Their principal investigators will certify the effort report for them. Visit the ORSP Effort Certification page to find out more.

Foreign Travel
Any faculty member, staff member, or student making an international trip and using university funding or carrying university-owned equipment or items must meet certain requirements before arranging or embarking on such travel. Visit the UALR Export Controls website for more information.

Budget Modification
Sponsored program budgets are considered official agreements with the sponsor. The PI must contact ORSP before making any changes to the agreed-upon budget.

High-Value Purchases
To ensure allowability on the project, UALR requires all high-value (equal to or greater than $3,000) purchases made with federally sponsored funds to be approved prior to submission of a procurement action. This approval is received at the time a purchase order is generated.

Research Involving Animals and Humans
If your research involves human subjects, animals, or biohazardous materials, you must obtain the required institutional approvals before beginning your research. Visit the Animal Subjects page and the UALR IRB website for more information.