Award Closeout

When your project period is finished, ORSP will help you close out your award. You must submit a copy of your final report to ORSP for your project records.

Please note: this page is not a comprehensive list of all award closeout policies, requirements, and processes. If you have questions about closing out your award that are not addressed here, please contact your grants and contracts officer.

Processes and Procedures

Expenditures at the End of a Program

Large expenditures or large quantities of materials purchased at the end of a project may not be considered reasonable or allowable. It is always best to obtain written approval from the grant official at the sponsoring agency prior to incurring these types of expenses within the last 90 days of a project.

No-Cost Extensions

If you need a no-cost extension, note that individual sponsor requirements vary. First-time requests are generally due to the sponsor thirty (30) days prior to the current end date of the project. Any subsequent extension requests, if permitted, are due to the sponsor sixty (60) days prior to the extended end date of the project. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to review and process your request.

Post-Award Contacts

If you have questions about or issues with the award setup process, please contact an ORSP grants and contracts officer.

Shawna Diaz, M.A.
Associate Director

Melody Gray, B.B.A.
Senior Grants & Contracts Accounting Specialist

Grants & Contracts Accounting Specialist

John Arnold, B.B.A.
Grants & Contracts Accounting Specialist